SНЕN company provides Clients  services   on eliminating rodents – deratization.

Today it is  known as the complex of measures of rodents'   destruction - rats, mice, voles, moles and other small mammals.

In contrast to disinfection and disinsection, deratization effects on transmission paths or vectors, and directly on the source of the infection.

The complex of measures on eliminating of rodents (deratization) is  based  on the data on ecology and behavior of rodents; taking into account the specific situation on a certain facility or in the inhabited locality  one can be used various organizational and methodological forms of work.

Deratization from SНЕN company consists of several stages:

►experts' check out  at the place, the implementation of the preliminary sanitary-epidemiological examination of the facility;

►choice the method of rodents destruction and working-out the tactics of deratization;

►preparation of the baits and packages;

► check out of the place and carry out the deratization of facilities;

►monitoring of the results of ongoing activities.

The experts use different processing methods for eliminating of rodents: chemical, technical and biological remedies, the effect of  using them is noticeable after the beginning of their application.

In the preventive purposes we recommend to do regular planned processing from rodents (rats, mice), the essence of which is repair and works on finishing, cleaning of air inlets, puttying cracked walls  and installing mesh on hoods, etc.

The next step is to install deratization containers-markers to identify rodents at the facility.

All works on the deratization are made in accordance with the sanitary and epidemiological requirements and preparations have the necessary certificates of quality.