Cleaning Services for Medical Institutions
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Cleaning Services for Medical Institutions

We`re sure a perfect cleanliness is the key aspect of protection health. SHEN ensures the prictine and sterility of medical facilities in accordance with international sanitary and hygienic standards. We use only professional cleaning products and equipment to create a safe environment for patients and staff.

Cleaning Services for Medical Institutions

Why Cleaning Is Important

Keeping medical institutions clean is not only a comfortable stay but also the key to the health of patients. Everyone comes to a hospital or clinic with their own problems, and nobody wants to get new ones because of non-compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements.

Ukraine has clearly defined cleaning standards for medical institutions, which are approved by the Ministry of Health, and any failure to comply with them entails legal consequences.

That is why cooperation with a professional company becomes a relevant option for maintaining cleanliness at medical institutions.

Types of Medical Institutions

Currently, our country has medical institutions of the following types:

  • Clinics
  • Outpatient clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Medical institutes of different specialization
  • Ambulatory care clinics
  • Health centers
  • Rehabilitation centers

What Does Cleaning Include?

Medical buildings are difficult to clean. In this case, a strict schedule and strong disinfectants, which do not harm people, are important. Cleaning services include the following types of works:

  • Dust cleaning using professional vacuum cleaners, tools and cleaning products
  • Floor washing both with special equipment and manually
  • Disinfection of rooms, common areas, toilets and other premises
  • Keeping toilets clean
  • Deep cleaning
  • Elevation, window and wall cleaning from plaque, dust and dirt
  • Cleaning surrounding areas, lawn care, landscape design
  • Removing snow and leaves (seasonal option)
  • Collecting and disposing garbage
  • Cleaning medical equipment

Benefits of Working with SHEN

SHEN, the leader in the facility management of Ukraine, offers comprehensive and individual solutions for cleaning medical institutions of all types. We take care of cleaning premises, and the client can focus on health and comfort of patients. Our company guarantees the following:

  • High-quality service
  • Comprehensive approach
  • Transparent processes thanks to special software
  • Risk insurance
  • Highly qualified and friendly staff
  • Implementation of international cleaning practices for medical buildings
  • Professional equipment, tools and cleaning products

The usage of an automated system of quality control ensures constant communication between facility managers and clients. With expanded checklists, we receive effective feedback from our customers and are able to respond quickly.

SHEN: Stay Focused on What Matters!

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