Facility Management
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Facility Management

What is Facility Management?

Facility management as a package of property maintenance services appeared in the early 80s of the past century in the United States of America. Over time, this type of activity has transformed into a qualitatively broader concept.

Facility Management


Today, the latest ISO standards define facility management as an organizational function that brings people together, places and sets up processes inside the building in order to improve the quality of life of people and productivity of core business.

Types of Facility Management

By type of work, FM is divided into Hard and Soft services. The former are designed to maintain and improve the technical aspects of the building, such as heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems, lighting, and water supply. Soft services provide a comfortable and safe stay, as well as improve and optimize the processes inside the facility. This includes cleaning, security, catering, various additional services depending on the type of activity that may require laundry services, delivery of certain goods, outstaffing, reception service, etc.

FM services can be rendered by own departments and they can be outsourced. However, the most popular option is integrated facility management (IFM) as a full package of facility management services.

SHEN – a leader in the facility management market of Ukraine – offers advanced solutions in IFM, soft and hard services to render high-quality services and optimize resources.

Facility Service Consumers

Commercial property management drives the development of the facility management market worldwide. Depending on the country, production, logistics, finance, education and medicine also significantly affect the facility management sector. In case of the Ukrainian market, the most relevant sectors are retail, production, logistics and office real estate.

Benefits of Facility Management

Cooperating with a facility management company, you receive a number of undeniable advantages that can simplify and improve your workflow. Facility management by SHEN is:

  • Real estate audit
  • Optimization of resources due to rendering a full package of services
  • Regular proposals to implement innovations based on international best practices
  • Transparent process management based on professional software
  • Insurance against risks associated with the building operation
  • Time to solve strategic tasks
  • Polite, tidy and highly qualified staff
  • High-quality services from the facility management leader throughout Ukraine!

Contact us and get an individual offer. Setting up business processes and optimizing resources is easy with true professionals!

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