Facility Management for Shopping and Entertainment Centers
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Facility Management for Shopping and Entertainment Centers

SHEN, the leader in the facility management market of Ukraine, offers advanced building management solutions that will ensure cleanliness, comfort and safety, as well as make your facility more attractive!

Facility Management for Shopping and Entertainment Centers

As a profession, Facility Management originated in the 80s of the last century, and today it is an organizational function that brings people together and establishes and sets up processes inside buildings to improve the quality of people’s life and the productivity of the main business.

Facility management based on outsourcing is an excellent solution that allows you to optimize resources by working with one contractor who has the necessary staff, tools, equipment and extensive experience in building management.

What Does SHEN Facility Management Include?

For shopping and entertainment centers, SHEN has developed the following package of services:

  • Cleaning. Shopping and entertainment center cleaning involves various types — from daily wet, dry and overall cleaning to cleaning surrounding areas and works at height. In this case, we mainly focus on floors, walls, stairs, elevators, windows and display cases, commercial equipment, entrance spaces, ceilings and lighting in all rooms, including display areas, halls, rest areas, food courts, toilets, warehouses, utility rooms, parking lots and surrounding areas.
  • Maintenance. At shopping and entertainment centers, professionally maintained utility systems not only create comfortable and safe environment for people inside a building but also make it possible to significantly optimize resources. Each system must be maintained by qualified professionals and include the following works:
    • Air conditioning and ventilation systems: Setting up the optimal operating mode, replacing filters and other consumables, cleaning vents, checking units and mechanisms regularly
    • Lighting: Selecting the optimal brightness, replacing bulbs, providing additional lighting at shopping and entertainment centers, scheduled maintenance of electrical circuits and panels
    • Water supply and sewerage: Scheduled inspections of pipes and utility cores, replacing valves, faucets, gaskets, removing blockages
    • Heating: Setting up the system temperature, scheduled pipe checks, system flushing, preparing for the heating season, replacing worn parts of the system
  • Security. For shopping centers, security is a whole package of measures including physical security of a facility, staff access control, installing video surveillance systems and alarms, organizing fire safety. For shopping and entertainment centers, protecting entrances and exits of a building, display areas, warehouses, parking lots and surrounding areas is the most relevant option.

Facility Management Benefits

SHEN facility management helps to make your shopping and entertainment center more attractive thanks to the high quality of service, technological processes and a professional team. Our advantages are as follows:

  • Services throughout Ukraine
  • Many years of experience in servicing shopping malls with a large flow of visitors
  • Well-coordinated work of a professional team
  • Software automation to ensure comfortable and transparent cooperation and create simple and short service processes
  • Using proven tools, supplies, equipment and detergents to maintain the best level of service

Leave an application right away and maintaining your shopping and entertainment center will become simple and comfortable. We will provide detailed information about all issues of your interest.

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