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Quality. Professionalism. Innovation.

Facility Management

SHEN renders a full range of facility management services. We only offer the advanced solutions in the field of facility management to render high-quality services and optimize resources.


Technical maintenance and service management

SHEN – a leader in the facility management market – offers comprehensive management solutions for buildings, utility networks and services. Our primary goal is to ensure that internal systems and equipment work seamlessly and efficiently to create comfortable conditions inside the real estate property, while reducing energy costs.

Управление технической эксплуатацией и обслуживанием


Cleaning by SHEN is always impeccable cleanliness and guaranteed quality. An integrated approach, many years of experience and compliance with the latest international standards provide comfortable and transparent service conditions.



By combining physical security and modern technological solutions, SHEN provides comprehensive protection for real estate properties of any complexity. Our clients are insured against any risks.


Facility management
The advantage of cooperation

Facilities safety

Consistent quality standards, transparent monitoring system

facility management based on IT platform

Ensured comfortable temperature, humidity, lighting in premises

All investments in operation are carried out by the Facility Company

Increased service life of engineering and process equipment

Planned costs for the entire contract period

Licenses and certificates

ISO 9001 Certificate (2020)

Permission to install, repair, then increased danger - steam and water boilers, gas hazardous work

License DABI 2019

Addition to the license DABI 2019

Order for issuing a license for the performance of fire-fighting purposes

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