Cleaning Services for Shopping Centers
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Cleaning Services for Shopping Centers

As a market leader SHEN has multi-year experience in providing service for malls and entertainment centers throughout Ukraine. We perfectly know all features of functioning different areas and premises of shopping malls, and offer the first class service, friendly and qualified staff, professional equipment and detergents.

Cleaning Services for Shopping Centers

Shopping centers are no longer just a shopping place, as people visit them with their families to get new impressions, emotions and experience. Attendance and popularity of a shopping center or a shopping and entertainment center as a leisure place are constantly growing, which means that the amount of efforts to maintain cleanliness and order is growing too.

Handling these tasks on your own is becoming difficult and simply not profitable. After all, buying tools, cleaning products, renting and maintaining equipment, hiring staff take a lot of time and resources. The most profitable solution will be to contact a professional cleaning company with qualified staff and experience in working with commercial premises.

Types of Cleaning

In case of shopping centers, it is customary to distinguish the following types of cleaning:

  • Routine cleaning
  • Works at height
  • Maintaining surrounding areas
  • Deep cleaning
  • Dry cleaning

What Premises Are Cleaned?

The shopping center cleaning package includes all the premises located at the building:

  • Sales areas
  • Atriums, halls, stairs and other rooms intended for visitors
  • Toilets
  • Entrance space
  • Food courts
  • Utility and office rooms

What Does Shopping Center Cleaning Include?

To maintain cleanliness and provide comfortable conditions at shopping centers, it is necessary to perform the following works:

  • Routine dry and wet cleaning using special equipment, tools and professional detergents
  • Regular floor washing with scheduling that depends on weather conditions and flow of visitors
  • Cleaning windows and elevations using climbing equipment and skilled industrial climbers
  • Cleaning parking lots, lawn and path care
  • Collecting and removing garbage from bins, ashtrays, cans and containers
  • Deep cleaning of the entire building and premises in accordance with the agreed schedule
  • Cleaning scenery after festive events, seasonal sales
  • Dry cleaning of carpets, upholstered furniture and other fabric decorative elements

Benefits of Working with SHEN

SHEN, the leader in the facility management in Ukraine, offers comprehensive cleaning solutions for shopping and entertainment centers throughout the country. Our advantages are as follows:

  • Over 13 years of experience!
  • Services throughout Ukraine
  • Individual solutions for each client
  • Highly qualified staff undergoing trainings to improve cleaning skills in shopping centers
  • Customized automation system that makes the process simple, short and transparent
  • Quality control according to international standards
  • Risk insurance

The usage of an automated system of quality control ensures constant communication between facility managers and clients. With expanded checklists, we receive effective feedback from our customers and are able to respond quickly.

SHEN: Stay Focused on What Matters!

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