Logistics Centres Maintenance
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Logistics Centres Maintenance

SHEN, as the leader of the Ukrainian market of facilitation management, has many years of experience in logistics facilities maintenance and offers only high-quality and advanced solutions for managing the operation of engineering systems and equipment.

Logistics Centres Maintenance

Features of logistics centres maintenance

Constant operation is essential for logistics centres and warehouse facilities. Goods are stored in warehouses 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and any changes in temperature, humidity and even light can ruin them. Besides, protecting stored products from intruders is equally essential.

Maintaining engineering systems in working mode on their own is often complicated or even impossible, and contacting several contractors is expensive and inefficient. A professional service company will not only load off the owner but also extend the wear of the equipment, configure the most effective systems operation mode and ensure the integrity and safety of goods.

Engineering Systems Maintenance

The complex of services for managing the operation of engineering systems includes:

  • Conditioning and ventilation. Setting the optimal operating mode, replacing filters and other consumables, cleaning channels, checking the operation of units and mechanisms regularly.
  • Power supply. Selection of the optimal brightness of light, replacement of bulbs, an additional set of light for the needs of warehouses, utility rooms, offices and other premises of logistics complexes, scheduled maintenance of electrical circuits and electrical control panels.
  • Water and drainage systems. Scheduled check of pipes and utility cores, a replacement of taps, mixer taps, fittings, clearing blockages.
  • Other. Heating system maintenance, equipment, and specialised equipment.

Security Systems Maintenance

To ensure the safety of goods and people at the premises, the installation and maintenance of the following equipment are necessary:

  • Access Control System
  • Video Surveillance System

Advantages of cooperation with SHEN

To ensure smooth operation and create comfortable conditions in warehouse complexes, SHEN offers:

  • Free audit of the object
  • High level of service
  • Professional technical team
  • Use of proven, quality expendable material and equipment
  • Liability insurance
  • Automation of processes based on specialised software
  • Innovation offers

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