World Trends in Facility Management 2019-2020
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World Trends in Facility Management 2019-2020

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The current stage of development of Facility Management in the world is characterized by providing the best experience for people in the building. All elements of the building, new technologies and sustainable development are aimed precisely at this. Based on this goal, global experts have identified the main trends that have moved the industry forward this year, and will continue to influence in the next.

World Trends in Facility Management 2019-2020


The use of augmented reality technology is gaining momentum. Large company facilitators use it to create practical equipment maintenance manuals for technical staff.

Working with chatbots is not something supernatural in the modern world, however, in tandem with machine learning, chatbots are becoming an effective tool for customer support.

The use of ultraviolet lighting. An important trend for public buildings, medical and educational institutions. Scientists have proven that this is an effective method of combating some pests, as well as viruses and bacteria.

Using data to develop smart real estate

Integrated Facility Management is the main tool for high-quality data collection on equipment and building systems. Only a single contractor can receive and analyze information as productively as possible creating more “smart” solutions for the client.

Analytics takes on new meaning. Software for the collection and analysis of data from building systems based on the Internet of things is one of the fastest growing components of facilitation management.

The trend of the last few years – remote monitoring, remains relevant. The ability to control processes in the building 24/7 anywhere in the world today is the basis for the comfort and safety of people in the building.

Green buildings

The trend towards the use of alternative energy sources continues to gain momentum. The most popular here are solar panels, as they are easily installed on any surface, and are a relatively inexpensive and not complex electrification system for a building.

Non-waste buildings are also gaining in popularity. Here, FM teams have to work hard to establish the possibility of recycling and to train staff in the reuse of resources to minimize waste.

But the main trend in the context of “green” buildings are the so-called “WELL Buildings”. Literally translated as buildings of well-being, and include the use of eco-materials for decoration and repair of the object, only natural non-toxic furniture, carpets, etc. are used in interior design. The maximum use of natural light, a large number of plants, the organization of lounges, in general, everything that will allow people to stress less and feel better.