Waste management at the enterprise. An important step towards sustainable development
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Waste management at the enterprise. An important step towards sustainable development

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According to international statistics, 90.5%  of the Earth garbage is not processed. The global problem of waste management has led the world to the need for new waste management solutions. In turn, the governments of developed countries “shifted” this task to business, constantly raising prices for garbage collection and requiring manufacturing enterprises to recycle their waste.

Waste management at the enterprise. An important step towards sustainable development

That is why waste management is becoming an important service for the facilitation of companies in the world. The main task in waste management at the enterprise is to constantly reduce the amount of garbage. And an important issue is the human factor. Innovations always meet resistance in most people, this is the nature, especially if these changes are introduced by an outside organization. Therefore, for any FM company it is necessary to build an effective communication system between top management, contractor and employees of the client’s company. It’s not enough just to talk about the rules for reducing waste; you need to ensure that they are followed.

Minimizing the amount of garbage in the enterprise is not a quick process, and it will not work to realize all possible solutions at once. Therefore, it is worth dividing the implementation of responsible waste management into several stages, depending on the ultimate goal of the company.

Where to begin?

In Ukraine, the Law on Waste Separation has been in force for almost a year now, of course, no one controls the implementation of this normative act, and processing plants in Ukraine can be counted on the fingers, but nevertheless, setting up bins for separate waste collection in the company is a good start, which does not require great effort on the part of employees. Often this gives the staff an internal positive attitude and a sense of involvement in helping our planet, creating the basis for subsequent changes.

The translation of all documentation into electronic form, for obvious reasons, seriously reduces the use of paper. And here is another plus, thanks to this, work processes become more transparent and shorter, which directly affects the competitiveness of any company.

In addition, each employee can make his own contribution. For example, plastic and paper are the main inorganic waste of offices, so printing only really necessary documents using both sides of the sheet, rejection of disposable tableware minimize the filling of garbage bins.

To maintain the property, modern facilitators, in agreement with the customer, use self-decomposing bags, eco-friendly cleaning products, eco-friendly packaging, various dispensers, dispensers that strictly regulate the use of detergents, etc. It is also worth noting that in developed countries, many companies start using soda for cleaning surfaces as the most environmentally friendly and inexpensive tool.

At this stage, the use of waste management sometimes says more about the company than advertising. This is an indicator of a high level of responsibility, the culture of the enterprise, as well as the desire for sustainable development and following global trends.