The use of virtual and augmented reality in the maintenance of real estate
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The use of virtual and augmented reality in the maintenance of real estate

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Virtual and augmented reality are usually associated with the sphere of entertainment and it is not at all obvious that these technologies are excellent assistants in the maintenance of buildings.

The use of virtual and augmented reality in the maintenance of real estate

Training and virtual tours

Technicians can benefit from using virtual reality. And it all starts with training. Thanks to this technology, specialists can study without leaving the office and train to service the client’s equipment without the risk of damaging it. By repeating the same actions as many times as needed to hone skills, staff will become much more competent.

In addition, having received a virtual tour of the engineering systems of the client’s building, technical workers can quickly become familiar with the features of his work and be more prepared at the time of starting service at the facility.

The possibilities of augmented reality at the facility

Do not confuse virtual and augmented reality. In the case of the property, the first technology completely recreates all the elements of the building in the virtual space, and the second superimposes virtual elements on real systems and rooms in the building.

How can this be useful for maintenance? For example, using a tablet, approaching certain equipment, a technical specialist can see all its characteristics on the screen, read the repair history, etc.

In addition, augmented reality allows you to collect data on critical building indicators, such as temperature, humidity, lighting brightness.

Latest technology to help improve service quality

In 2015, Microsoft presented a new product called Hololenses, making a significant step in combining the real and virtual worlds. Hololens brought augmented reality to a new level, which opens up a huge number of opportunities.

In the case of maintenance, this is a new level of training. In particular, equipment repair training becomes almost real. Also, this technology can be used when working at the facility, a more experienced employee can help the young staff to complete the task.

For some areas of activity, hololinses have become a lifesaver. For example, at facilities producing chemicals, atomic energy, medicines, etc. the work is carried out according to strict safety criteria and in special protective suits, gloves on the hands do not allow the use of tablets or phones with touchscreens for instructions, recommendations, tracking data, etc. Therefore, gololinsy perfectly cope with this problem and make it possible to effectively carry out the tasks.