The new role of cleaning during a pandemic
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The new role of cleaning during a pandemic

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The most effective way to protect a building from viruses and bacteria is to regularly clean and disinfect the premises. During the coronavirus pandemic, the need for these actions in the building has become the key to the survival of the business.


The new role of cleaning during a pandemic

The difficult situation that has developed in almost all enterprises forced the top management to significantly optimize resources, but in this case it is impossible to save on cleaning. The absence of pathogenic bacteria on a property is largely dependent on the following factors:

  • A systematic approach to cleaning. Technology, prescribed protocols and their rigorous implementation allow you to thoroughly clean all the necessary surfaces and maintain cleanliness at an appropriate level
  • Tools and detergents. It is obvious that the quality of cleaning depends on the quality of disinfectants, equipment and tools.
  • Staff. The human factor has not been canceled. The better the staff is trained and disciplined, the better they will be able to maintain indoor hygiene and sanitize the building.

It is also worth noting that cooperation with a professional cleaning company that has established itself in the market is not only the security of the property and protection from viruses, it is also an excellent marketing ploy. Such cooperation shows the true concern of the company for its team, customers and guests of the building.

If the company nevertheless decides to deal with cleaning issues on its own, then you should pay special attention to the choice of disinfectants and take into account the following points:

Since disinfection is extremely important in this period for business, you should choose the right disinfection method and the products themselves. Here are some guidelines:

  • Before buying disinfectants, read the instructions and the effectiveness of exposure to pathogenic organisms, especially SARS-Cov-2 infection
  • Choose different types of disinfectants, one bottle may not be suitable for all cases. You need to stock up on cleaning products, hand sanitizers and possibly special spray products.
  • Train staff to properly use these tools. For example, before disinfection, it is necessary to clean the room and remove dirt. Some materials coming into contact with disinfectants reduce their effectiveness, etc.

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