Announcement of the development of the Facility management  industry
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Announcement of the development of the Facility management industry

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Experts argue that in the short term the Facility management market is waiting for a global transformation, the main drivers of which will be innovations and the need for new value propositions. Let’s consider the basic trends and trends of the industry in the world and Ukraine.

Announcement of the development of the Facility management  industry

The global volume of the facilitation management market is currently at the level of 1.12 trillion dollars, while according to Frost & Sullivan forecasts the global revenue of this industry by 2025 will be 945 billion dollars.

The fastest growing market in the next two years will be the Persian Gulf region. This is natural, because after the incredible pace of construction and the implementation of many large and complex projects, there comes a need for professional maintenance and proper operation of buildings.

In the course of analysis of the world market, it is also possible to identify 4 main transformation trends that will play a key role in the development of the commercial real estate industry:

  • Business productivity. Building management for creating the most comfortable working conditions, stimulating creativity, as well as measures to improve the well-being and health of staff
  • XaaS (anything as a service) – literally translates “anything as a service” and means the provision of software products in the cloud based on subscriptions to services necessary for the company.
  • Sustainable development. No large company in the world does not ignore this trend
  • Energy management. High energy prices make energy management the most effective way to optimize resources

More and more interest for commercial real estate is represented by integrated facilitation management, that is, the provision of a whole range of services by one contractor. At the moment, this segment occupies 8% of the FM market, but experts predict that by 2025 it will reach 14%.

Among the technologies, the rapidly developing Internet of things and Big data come first. Combining various sensors, sensors, automated systems into a single system helps to significantly optimize resources and timely identify risks, and react to the changing situation in the operation of the building.

And what will determine the development of the market in Ukraine?

The industry of commercial real estate exploitation is far from the indicators of developed countries. However, some progress in the development of the market in the last few years is obvious.   Among the important shifts it is worth noting, the transition to a comprehensive approach to servicing the property. And although this is only the first step towards the development of integrated facilitation management in the next 2 years, the transformation of the FM model will become increasingly evident. Customer needs, flexibility and closer cooperation, provision of additional values ​​will become important components of the service companies’ work.

In difficult economic conditions, the optimization of existing resources comes to the fore. There is a tendency to re-equip obsolete buildings, bankrupt enterprises in modern creative office, retail, multifunctional spaces. By the way, this trend has been popular for several years in developed countries, where high prices for square meters and lack of land in cities for new construction led to the need to use existing industrial facilities for new purposes.

Automation, as the basis for providing high-quality modern service becomes an essential component of work in the market. Professional software ensures the simplicity and transparency of the operation of the building and allows you to respond in a timely manner to the needs of the client.

Thus, in the next few years we will observe significant changes in approaches, models and methods of providing services both in the world and in Ukraine. Market leaders will play a crucial role in this transformation, since the introduction of innovations (which are still expensive) will only be available to large players.