Preparing a commercial building for opening after quarantine
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Preparing a commercial building for opening after quarantine

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The government announced the relaxation of quarantine starting on May 11 and the further opening of infrastructure facilities from the 22nd of the current month. However, this does not mean that there is no longer a threat of infection, and commercial buildings need to approach the issue of the safety of employees, visitors, guests and customers with all responsibility.

Preparing a commercial building for opening after quarantine

In our interview, Marina Khodorkovskaya, Head of the SHEN Cleaning Department, will talk about the main actions that property owners should take to minimize the risk of infection inside the building.

– Marina, tell me what work needs to be done in the building before its opening after quarantine? What to pay special attention to?

– Under the prevailing conditions, commercial facilities are advised to carry out a general cleaning of all surfaces. Such measures include wet processing of cabinet furniture, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets, screed of glass and mirror surfaces, deep cleaning of hard floor coverings, etc. Next, it is necessary to disinfect all surfaces. Disinfection can be carried out by wiping, irrigation and cold fog. Cold fog treatment is the most effective because fine droplets of the disinfectant penetrate the joints and crevices of any surfaces.

– Is there a difference in preparation for the opening of a shopping center, fitness centers, educational institutions, office buildings? If so, which one?

– Depending on the type of facility, more thorough processing of those sites that are most often used by visitors, guests, and employees is carried out. These are entrance groups, bathrooms, halls, elevators, kitchens. It is important for the mall to pay special attention to food courts, escalators, office centers must necessarily handle the reception and waiting areas for visitors, meeting rooms, and reception desks. Training centers should take care of the cleanliness of the classes.

– The work we are talking about should be carried out immediately before the opening, or can it be done now?

– Definitely, it is better to carry out such work immediately before the opening, as often the objects are not mothballed, there is a minimum number of employees, there is a supply and exhaust ventilation through which various bacteria and dust can enter the building. General cleaning and disinfection of the building before opening will give confidence in the safety of using these rooms.

– Taking into account the epidemiological situation, after the opening of the property, will the schedule and number of ongoing cleaning work change?

– Yes, of course. After the object is opened, it is necessary to regularly treat the surfaces which people most often touch with disinfectant every three hours: door handles, shopping baskets and carts, mixers, switches, railings, etc.

SHEN tracks all the latest research in the field of the fight against the virus and uses tested and effective disinfectants. By contacting our company, the client minimizes the risks of infection in the building and ensures the safety of people as much as possible.