Preparation of educational institutions by September 1. What changed
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Preparation of educational institutions by September 1. What changed

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There is very little time left before the new school year. And although for some regions of our country, the educational process at schools, universities, training centers may not start due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus, it is imperative to prepare the property for opening.

Preparation of educational institutions by September 1. What changed

In connection with the pandemic, the requirements for the building in which the training sessions are held have tightened. So:

  • As with other public buildings, the distance between desks should be increased to 1.5 meters
  • Educational institutions should be equipped with multiple entrances to avoid crowding of students
  • There should be markings on the floor in the dining room, corridors, regulating movement and distance in the queue
  • All available large premises, assembly halls, gyms should be used for training, and in case of good weather, classes should be held outdoors
  • A flexible teaching schedule should be developed to avoid the congestion of large groups of students
  • The building should be equipped with places for hand sanitizing, and the bathrooms must contain liquid soap and paper towels or electric dryers, as well as posters on hand hygiene.
  • At the end of the school day, disinfection of door handles, desks, chairs, railings and other places of frequent contact must be carried out

The above rules are mandatory, so it can be difficult to do without professional help. It is best to entrust the preparation for the academic year and the maintenance of cleanliness during the educational process to a professional cleaning company. SHEN, as the market leader, offers only advanced cleaning and disinfection methods for educational institutions and uses only quality products that have proven effective in fighting viruses and being safe for people in the building.