Pandemic landscape design
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Pandemic landscape design

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The coronavirus epidemic has made serious adjustments to the lives of almost every person on our planet. And one important trend was the desire to spend more time outdoors, offices, banks, shops, restaurants, where the risk of infection is much higher than on the street.

Pandemic landscape design

In this regard, there is a need to pay more attention to the territory around the property, to put it in order and create comfortable conditions for people.

In addition, the bonus will be that a well-kept lawn is often associated with caring for the environment and increases the security of the property.

So, the first thing to do is to assess the scope of work and evaluate the following components of the territory:

  • Is the territory well lit
  • Are pedestrian walkways and driveways conveniently located
  • Are there enough stores in the territory
  • How many trees, bushes and other greenery grows near the building, is there a lawn
  • Is there an irrigation system

Based on the data obtained, it is possible to develop an implementation plan where the convenience and safety of visitors and employees should take a special place. It is worth considering the need to maintain social distance.

By the way, at the moment, many designers are engaged in the development of benches and other outdoor furniture, the design of which involves placing people at a distance from each other.

In order for the surrounding area to be well-groomed and comfortable for people, it is best to contact a specialized company. In landscape design, there are many nuances, and non-professionals can face problems and extra costs. While facilitators, professionals as soon as possible equip a convenient and pleasant place, in compliance with all norms and rules.