New reality. Consumer trends and the pandemic
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New reality. Consumer trends and the pandemic

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2 months of quarantine had different consequences for each of us. Self-isolation, restriction of freedom of movement, inability to live a familiar life, use services and make purchases offline led to a shift in priorities and a natural change in preferences. Experts today have a lively discussion about which way consumer trends will develop. In this, SHEN experts share their observations.

New reality. Consumer trends and the pandemic

The growth of psychological stress

Unambiguously limiting the usual circle of friends, losing the usual income, freezing projects, the inability to go to the cinema, restaurants, bars, going to the sea or just taking a walk with friends led to an increase in nervous breakdowns, an increase in the number of quarrels in the family. As a result, many experts predict an increase in the demand for psychological assistance and various rehabilitation trainings. However, as the practice of previous shocks in our country shows, too few people are ready to resort to such assistance. Rather, this state of affairs may lead to an increase in demand for anti-stress products and products and medicines

Online vs offline

Perhaps most of all, analysts now disagree on changes in the proportions of online and offline sales. On the one hand, quarantine has led to an increase in purchases via the Internet, including essential goods that were previously used to buying offline. And the threat of getting infected will probably keep people online for some time. On the other hand, there is a growing desire to return to the usual way of life, to go shopping. In addition, the lack of the ability to buy things in a physical store showed that not everything is possible and wants to be purchased on the Internet. Stores quickly rebuilt on the growth of orders on the Internet and after quarantine they will continue to develop this area. After quarantine is completely quitted, online sales of foodstuffs and essential goods are likely to increase, but online sales in other segments are unlikely to grow significantly, since, among other things, a significant role will also be played by a decrease in population incomes.

Sport and health

Jogging and playing sports at home became a popular pastime during quarantine. A huge number of challenges in the social. Networks are excellent evidence of this. Pandemic has greatly accelerated the trend of health and fitness

Changing financial habits

These two months have shown how much money is spent on various entertainments, recreation, and other attributes of a comfortable life, and many expenses now generally seem useless. Most people had to rethink their habits and move on to new tracks, which will certainly affect the manner and desire to spend money.

Local tourism

This is a natural trend: borders are closed, international tourism is not yet available, so if there is a desire and the opportunity to go on vacation, then searching for a suitable place is worth it within the country

The growing role of cleanliness

The threat of contracting the virus has led to the need for more thorough cleaning in crowded places, regular disinfection. It is becoming commonplace for people to use sanitizers and analyze rooms and things from a hygiene point of view. Therefore, high-quality cleaning will play an important role for commercial premises.

Preference for repair before buying a new one

Here, too, everything is clear, a decrease in income leads to the search for the opportunity to repair, rather than buy new equipment.

What life will become after quarantine will be shown by time. Whether we can return to old habits or have to reorganize on a new track depends on many factors, however, the trends described above will certainly play a role in Ukraine without quarantine.