Landscaping trends in the commercial sector
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Landscaping trends in the commercial sector

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The modern world, rushing forward, full of deadlines, projects, responsibility and stress, has led people to seek a balance, unity with nature, the desire to hide from the hustle and bustle. Naturally, such trends were reflected in the creation of interiors for commercial interiors, where plants begin to play an important role.

Landscaping trends in the commercial sector

Among the advantages of “green” spaces are the following:

  • Beneficial effect on the nervous system. Scientists have proven that plants relieve stress, soothe, cheer up.
  • Air purification. Plants saturate the space with oxygen and absorb harmful substances, which favorably affects the productivity, well-being of people in the room.
  • Creating an atmosphere and style. Landscaping is a great way to update the interior, set the right accents, and get the status of an “environmentally friendly” space.

It is very important for proper gardening to turn to specialists, since not all plants are beneficial, for example, the blooming of some representatives of the flora can cause dizziness, headaches, etc. Some plants need special care, a certain light, humidity, otherwise, instead of a stylish decor, you can get a very sad picture.

Among the main trends in the gardening industry, the following can be distinguished:

  • A rainforest or a building is a botanical garden. Amazon, for example, opened an office last year that looked more like a park or conservatory. A huge number of plants, trees, shrubs among which workplaces and functional spaces are comfortably arranged.
  • Vertical gardening. Creating paintings from moss, partitions from living plants, walls from densely growing shrubs are all very relevant accents in the design of interiors and exteriors.
  • Gardening of roofs and terraces. Due to the lack of space for recreation, commercial buildings began to use roofs to create squares, public spaces for picnics and leisure activities.

In order to properly organize the space, to add color to the interior thanks to the green space, you can contact the facilitation company. Gardening experts will select the necessary types of plants, their number, and offer interesting solutions for zoning the premises.