Automation and robot cleaning. Opportunities and Prospects
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Automation and robot cleaning. Opportunities and Prospects

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The importance of cleanliness in commercial and industrial premises is difficult to overestimate. The image of the company, its competitiveness, and the health of staff depend on this.

Automation and robot cleaning. Opportunities and Prospects

However, cleaning is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. The big problem, as in many other industries, is the human factor. When organizing cleaning at the enterprise on their own, in the end, the quality of the work done depends only on the cleaners. Professional companies, however, are adopting modern automation and robotization technologies to minimize risks and improve the quality of service.


Let’s talk about software features for cleaning on the example of SHEN. Following the latest global trends in the purity industry, the company introduced the Prengi platform at its enterprise. The functionality of this software makes it possible to build processes that will be understandable to each participant. In addition, control over the quality of work, costs has become simple and transparent. It is important that all information on the object is always at hand, from any device 24/7.

Cleaning automation is a promising area of ​​development. Confirmation of this is the variety of such products on the market, and their active promotion at international exhibitions. All decisions differ in the set of services and interface, but they are the same in using cloud solutions and obtaining all the necessary information on a real estate object around the clock anywhere in the world.


In addition to the human factor, labor costs also matter. In some developed countries, it is quite high. For example, in Japan, the cost of an hour of work cleaner about $ 20. This means that with an 8-hour working day, the salary of this category of workers is 3000-3500 thousand dollars.

Accordingly, replacing such an employee with a robot is beneficial. Most global manufacturers of cleaning equipment and machinery rely on artificial intelligence and are actively developing autonomous harvesting machines. The problem remains the high cost of such equipment, and unfortunately they still do not reach the ideal work. In addition, according to recent polls by visitors to shopping centers, most buyers are scared away by a car without a driver.

However, despite the existing problems, the market for cleaning robots in 2018 grew by 16% and did not slow down this year either.

Equipment manufacturers continue to invest huge amounts in the development of high-quality autonomous machines. One of the most promising cars is the Karcher Kira B50 floor polisher. Thanks to the company’s many years of development and the use of artificial intelligence, the machine is fully automated. After downloading data on the cleaning object, Kira B50 scans the area, conducts a wet cleaning, refills it with water, gets rid of dirty water, rinses the tank and starts charging itself. On one charge, such a technique can wash up to 2500 sq.m.

In conclusion, we note that the future of cleaning lies precisely in the automation and robotization of processes. With cheaper equipment and improved technology, for developed countries this will be the most profitable solution when cleaning commercial and production facilities.