Water supply and sewerage. What to look for during maintenance
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Water supply and sewerage. What to look for during maintenance

Any commercial or industrial building cannot function without water supply and sewerage. A good water supply system is an important part of the smooth operation of a property. Even the smallest leak can lead to serious financial losses and the need to make repairs.

Water supply and sewerage. What to look for during maintenance

If the building is connected to a centralized water supply and sewerage system, then in this case the most important thing to consider is the following:

  • Timely check pipes for breaks, wear
  • Change consumables, filters, valves, gaskets as needed
  • Repair plumbing, replace taps, mixers
  • Make sure that no blockages form in the pipes and that water flows smoothly into the sewer
  • Clean the storm drain regularly

Industrial facilities often use their own water and sewerage systems, and maintenance is somewhat different. In addition to the above works, you must also pay attention to the following:

  • Water for production is often supplied from artesian wells, so here it is important to understand its composition and select the appropriate filters.
  • Also, such water may contain trace elements that settle on pipes, heating elements and other components of the water supply system. This should be taken into account when planning technical inspections and planned replacement of parts.
  • An autonomous system also implies the presence of various equipment, such as: pumps, water heating systems, purification systems, etc. This equipment can only be serviced by professionals, otherwise there is a high probability of malfunctions and production stoppages.

Thus, the maintenance of water supply and sewerage systems by a professional facilitation company is a profitable solution that optimizes resources and ensures the smooth operation of production. There is no need to hire individual specialists to the staff and train them to work with highly specialized equipment, order equipment, tools and consumables. Having entrusted the maintenance of the water supply and sewerage system to SHEN, the client also receives insurance against risks associated with possible accidents, a process automation system and round-the-clock support.