The market of cleaning services in Ukraine
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The market of cleaning services in Ukraine

Today, the cleanliness of commercial and industrial premises is a prerequisite for business success. Cleaned rooms positively affect the productivity and well-being of staff, create comfortable conditions for shopping, leisure activities and improve the quality of products.

The market of cleaning services in Ukraine

Cleaning Services Market

The commercial cleaning market in Ukraine began to emerge at the turn of the 90s – 2000s. Small companies primarily provided services to private wealthy clients and small offices. With the development of the economy and the entry into the Ukrainian business field of international players, it has become necessary to provide professional cleaning services for large facilities such as business and shopping centers, supermarkets, manufacturing enterprises, logistics complexes, transport infrastructure facilities, etc. This prompted the domestic professional cleaning industry to expand the scope of activities, staff and the provision of modern, high-quality service.

Today, commercial cleaning is a set of services to maintain cleanliness and order in the served territory, using professional tools and qualified personnel.

Types of cleaning services

To keep buildings and premises clean, cleaning companies can perform dozens of different types of work, but the main services can be divided into the following types:

  • Daily cleaning
  • spring-cleaning
  • After construction cleaning
  • Window washing, including industrial climbing
  • Disinfection / Pest / Pest Control
  • Dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and carpets
  • Cleaning the surrounding area

The evolution of detergents and equipment

Modern professional chemistry, tools and cleaning equipment are significantly different from what was presented on the market 10 years ago. An important trend of recent years is environmental friendliness and health care. Therefore, the world’s leading suppliers of cleaning chemicals offer solutions that do not contain hazardous chemicals. In addition, they are sold in concentrated form, and after dilution in appropriate proportions with water are a very profitable alternative to conventional household chemicals.

As for equipment, equipment manufacturers focused on introducing artificial intelligence into their products and creating autonomous cleaning robots. Although this is still quite an expensive pleasure for most cleaning companies, over time, robots will be able to become indispensable assistants in cleaning matters.


For daily cleaning of commercial space, the norm is the signing of contracts for a year or more. The service includes all the necessary work to maintain cleanliness at the facility. Seasonality in this case is dictated by climatic conditions. If the weather worsens, cleaning should be done more often, using more chemicals.

Also, the season is of great importance for certain types of work. For example, window washing most often occurs in the spring and autumn. Cleaning the surrounding area from snow is needed only in winter, and after construction it rarely occurs in the winter.

The dynamics of the cleaning market in Ukraine

Due to the unstable economic situation and the hostilities in the Donbass, the Ukrainian market has sharply slowed down, however, starting in 2017, the commercial cleaning industry began to show a steady increase of 8-9% annually. To date, only in Kiev, about 400 cleaning companies are registered. However, this does not mean saturation of the market. Many of them are very small with a staff of 5-6 people, or one-day companies. Indeed, large and well-established companies that can service large facilities such as shopping and entertainment centers, manufacturing enterprises, retail chains, business centers throughout Ukraine are no more than 10. However, these companies increase the level of service due to modern technologies, staff training, and work according to international standards quality control.

Comparative characteristics of the foreign market

If we talk about the cleaning market in the world, then its volume today is just over 55 billion dollars. For many countries, the cleaning industry is the largest employer. For example, in the USA alone, the staff of cleaning personnel totals more than 3.5 million people.

The largest market for cleaning services in the medium term will be the Asia-Pacific region. Mainly thanks to China, where the cleaning industry is developing at a significant pace.

Due to the coronavirus epidemic around the world, the market structure by type of service has changed significantly, it is too early to calculate the results of this pandemic, but it is now clear that the cleaning market has suffered less than many other sectors of the economy. It is also already possible to conclude a significant increase in the demand for disinfection services and general cleaning services.

Benefits of SHEN 2020

As market leaders, SHEN always strives to provide high-quality service based on advanced technologies in the field of cleaning.

We are proud of our unique staff training program, based on our own and international experience, as well as the development of practical skills at real facilities.

The automation system used by the company makes cooperation simple and straightforward. The client can get all the necessary information on the object in real time from any convenient device.

We insure liability, use only proven professional chemistry and tools, and have extensive experience working at facilities of any complexity throughout Ukraine.