Spring cleaning of real estate. Important points and features
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Spring cleaning of real estate. Important points and features

General cleaning is an important set of work to maintain cleanliness. In addition, this type of cleaning is another way to reduce the risks of viral diseases, which is especially important during the coronavirus pandemic.

Spring cleaning of real estate. Important points and features

The frequency and time of the general cleaning, or as it is also called complex cleaning, depends on the type of facility and the needs of the client. However, regardless of the building, SHEN recommends conducting these cleaning events at least 2-4 times a year. As for time, then everything is also very individual. Basically, shopping centers, fitness clubs, entertainment facilities prefer to choose night time, and business centers, offices are often more convenient to carry out such cleaning on weekends. Complex cleaning at the production site, in logistics complexes, medical and educational institutions depends on the work schedule and requires a minimal presence of staff and visitors.

Before starting the general cleaning, it is necessary to agree with the customer the entire list of works. This is a very important point, as the expectations of the client and the capabilities of the contractor are far from always identical. The main comprehensive cleaning jobs are as follows:

  • Dry and wet cleaning of surfaces (floor, walls, countertops, window sills, furniture)
  • Dust removal in hard-to-reach places: cornices, lamps, upper parts of racks, cabinets
  • Cleaning carpets, upholstered furniture, entrance dirt-resistant coatings
  • Window and window washing, including high-rise work on washing facade glass surfaces
  • Disinfection of toilets
  • Cleaning machinery and equipment
  • Removing all kinds of stains, grease, scale, etc.
  • Garbage collection and disposal

In addition, you may need polishing of furniture and equipment, washing of fabric decoration elements, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, disinfestation and disinfestation.

This set of works not only maintains cleanliness and creates a favorable image for the property, but also extends the life cycle of furniture, equipment, machinery and repairs, which in turn leads to significant optimization of resources for the building owner.