Maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems in the winter

The ventilation and air conditioning system is one of the most important equipment in any building, whether it is a commercial facility or production facilities. The air quality depends on the correct functioning of this engineering component, and therefore the well-being of people in the building. In addition, improper functioning of the system leads to wasteful use of resources and costs that can be avoided.

Maintenance of ventilation and air conditioning systems in the winter

Air conditioning unit covered in snow

Winter is a difficult period for any equipment, and even more so for ventilation, so it is worthwhile to prepare for the season in advance:

  • Replace and clean filters
  • Check the serviceability of all components and mechanisms, paying particular attention to the heating elements
  • Clean ducts
  • Adjust the temperature according to weather conditions

Experts also recommend conducting an audit of the building and minimizing the ingress of cold air through doors, windows, windows and other building structures.

An important point in the operation of ventilation and air conditioning systems in the winter is the temperature regime. A change of at least 1 degree can both save resources and create more comfortable living conditions and vice versa, leading to unplanned losses.

Competently adjust the entire system can only highly qualified specialists, which to hire a staff does not make sense. The best solution in this situation is maintenance on the principles of outsourcing a professional facilitation company.

SHEN is a reliable partner in the maintenance of real estate. Many years of experience and a professional team allow property owners to focus on the main activity, while we are engaged in maintaining the smooth operation of the building, optimizing resources and increasing comfortable conditions.