Catering. What is important to know?
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Catering. What is important to know?

The service sector is a dynamically developing branch of the Ukrainian market. Especially this development is evident in the catering industry. Customers have become more demanding on the quality of service, as there are plenty to choose from, the number of restaurants, pubs, cafes and coffee houses is growing exponentially. Each newly opened institution strives to surprise, offer something better, interesting cuisine, unusual interior, bonuses and discounts. With the development of restaurant business in Ukraine came the Western trend – catering.

Catering. What is important to know?

Literally catering is translated as supply of provisions, but in fact it is field service in any place indicated by the client, whether it is a room or a glade, a boat or a conference room, a lake shore or an office. It should be noted that catering is quite a complicated service, so not all restaurants offer such a service, and often this type of activity is handled by individual professional companies. The key to providing quality service is staff. And here it is important to note a few points:

  • Firstly, a properly selected chef is half the business, because not everyone will agree to work in the field and outside the professional kitchen. In addition, the speed, speed and ability to quickly adapt to different conditions – the necessary qualities of such an employee.
  • Secondly, the task for waiters is also complicated, there are no usual tables, conditions, a large crowd of people, all this requires accuracy, accuracy and coherence in the work.
  • Thirdly, the appearance of the staff, neatly dressed, in the same uniform, the staff best emphasizes the level of the organized event.

Depending on the venue, subject matter, number of guests and budget, catering is divided into:

  • A table is a buffet table. This kind of service is usually chosen if it is necessary to receive many guests if the time or budget is limited, if the subject of the event does not imply a feast.
  • Banquet. It is necessary to include guests at the tables, which means preparing a full menu, from salads and snacks to main dishes and desserts. Cooking is usually done on the customer’s premises.
  • The exit bar. The name speaks for itself, and usually implies the presence of at least one barman and easily assembled bar design with a bar counter or without for preparing various cocktails and drinks.
  • Delivery of meals. In fact, the only kind of catering, where the preparation of meals takes place in advance on the territory of the catering service, and is delivered to the customer in a special package to the customer.

Catering is not only a popular service, but also very convenient, especially for business events outside restaurants and cafes. What are the advantages?

  1. Organization of the event in any place convenient for the client, unless it is certainly prohibited by law. Conference halls, offices, halls of business centers, concert halls, roofs, terraces, beaches and coasts, picnics in nature, catering companies work anywhere.
  2. The speed of the organization of the event, according to the customer’s preferences. Preparation and maintenance in a limited time frame.
  3. Individual menu according to preferences, wishes and topics
  4. Decoration of tables, dishes, laying
  5. No need to clean after the event, the catering company will also take care of this.

Every year, catering services are becoming more and more in demand in our country. Requirements for events are increasing, and organizers of business meetings, conferences, seminars, awards ceremonies also need to meet these requirements. Coffee breaks, receptions, banquets, have long been outsourced to catering agencies, which not only saves time and costs for independent preparation of food and drinks, but also increases the attractiveness of the event in the eyes of visitors.