How to secure the building? 5 important tips
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How to secure the building? 5 important tips

Commercial security is an important component of any company’s strategy. The responsibility of any organization to create a safe environment not only for the staff, but also for any person who is involved in the company. In today’s world, the security of any business is ensured both in the online environment and in the physical world. And while cybersecurity is a hot topic, physical security is just as important.

How to secure the building? 5 important tips

The experts of the security department of SHEN, the leader in the market of facilitation management in Ukraine, identified 5 points that should be paid attention to when organizing security at a commercial or any other real estate.

  1. Perform an overall assessment of all vulnerabilities

Although technically this can be done internally, an assessment will be more effective if conducted by a professional company. She will conduct an audit of the business and provide recommendations on how to provide the best protection for the organization or, for example, event. This will take into account factors such as the crime rate in the area, entry and exit points that can – in certain circumstances – make property more attractive for criminals, site attendance (both by employees and customers, customers), available systems observations, as well as cases that occurred in the past.

A professional firm will also advise on the best security technologies and techniques to meet all security-related needs.

  1. Audit of staff and new employees

If at least one person works in the company, you should have relevant data or a personal file for him, which should include a photograph of the employee, contact details and emergency contacts. Make sure that the recommendations of the new employee are checked before the person takes up his duties. Such checks may include, but are not limited to, criminal records, past employment checks.

  1. Do not forget about simple safety factors.

Never underestimate the power of simplicity. The use of high-quality locks, security gates, keys and self-locking doors are all strong constraints that cannot be discounted. There is also the great advantage of placing employees at strategic points inside the building. Receptionists, secretaries, hostesses – all the extra eyes and ears, if they are located in the right places.

A policy should be adopted to significantly reduce the likelihood of potential security breaches. It may include any transfer of keys, storage of funds and / or valuables, the use of computer passwords and clear instructions on what employees should do in case of emergency, or if they notice any suspicious actions.

  1. Implementation of surveillance cameras

Depending on the type and location of the business, security cameras can be a smart investment. In particular, they can be located in vulnerable places, for example, where valuable or confidential information is stored, at the entrances to the building or in quieter places, such as parking lots. Installing a CCTV camera is a special job aimed at meeting the needs of a particular business, so it is best done by a professional and qualified contractor.

Security monitoring services are key to ensuring round-the-clock business protection, so triggered alarms or suspicious activity visible on the camera can get an immediate response at any time of the day.

  1. Only collaborate with professionals

On-site security guards are a serious deterrent that is being used more and more as services become more accessible. From security guards who constantly patrol the building and grounds, to those who respond to security breaches or monitor using surveillance cameras, using a managed security service is a cost-effective way to enhance the protection of any premises.How to secure the building? 5 important tips