Fire safety in the winter. What is important to know
Спеціальні ціни для підприємств на період війни!
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Fire safety in the winter. What is important to know

According to statistics, in the winter there are much more fires than in the rest of the year. At the same time, according to the CSN in 2019, the number of fires increased by more than 20% compared to the previous year. This is mainly due to a higher load on the power grid and the improper use of additional heating equipment.

Fire safety in the winter. What is important to know

In order to minimize the risks of fires at the property, it is necessary to control the following points:

Building audit

To create the safest facility and protect people and material resources, experts recommend an audit to identify places that are potentially dangerous from the point of view of fire. This can be a room with a flammable finish, inaccessible places for fire fighting. You must make sure that the building has evacuation exits, and that they are accessible and open, and that fire fighting equipment can freely approach the building. If a high-rise building is worth developing a plan to combat fire on the upper floors, as firefighters do not have stairs of this length.

Preparing for the winter.

Before the onset of cold weather, it is necessary to carry out scheduled maintenance of the building systems: check the wiring, the health of the ventilation and air conditioning systems, and heating. It is important not to forget about the fire safety system. It is worth making sure that the fire extinguishers are in their places in working condition with a valid shelf life, the fire extinguishing system is working properly, and there is access to fire hydrants, where specialized equipment can be connected to localize the fire.

Equipment operation

It is necessary to adjust the heating system so that people are comfortable in the workplace. Often fires occur due to the fact that personnel for heating brings the cheapest low-quality heaters while not observing safety precautions, and sometimes just forgets to turn them off when leaving the room.

New Year’s decor

Special attention should be paid to the work of garlands and other decor. They can cause rapid fires, which can not be extinguished on their own.

Safety precautions

Regularly conducting fire safety classes with staff significantly reduces the risk of fire, and also minimizes losses in the event of a fire.

But even with all the precautions, no one is safe from the influence of the human factor, therefore, if the smallest outbreak occurs, you must immediately call the fire brigade by calling 101.