"Green Office". Effective optimization and the guarantee of health
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“Green Office”. Effective optimization and the guarantee of health

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We have previously mentioned that the environment – is the main trend of the past few years around the world. This trend applies to all aspects of life, ranging from household items, ending a way of life and doing business.

"Green Office". Effective optimization and the guarantee of health

On this wave of offices around the world are becoming “green.” What kind of benefits brings eco-friendly workspaces? In fact, the main purpose of this office is to ensure favorable conditions for the health of employees working with saving natural resources and reduce the negative impact on the environment. Eco offices decide a number of important business objectives, namely:

  • Cost optimization by reducing the consumption of energy, water, proper disposal of waste
  • Creating a sustainable image of the company by creating a variety of reasons PR and social events, as well as raising corporate social responsibility, which certainly adds some points to the commercial organization’s reputation
  • Increasing productivity, by creating favorable working conditions for health
  • Reducing the negative impact on the office environment

There are many approaches to the definition of green office components, but experts generally distinguish 7 main blocks:

  1. Water. Reduction in water consumption due to awareness among employees, installation of water meters, as a stimulus to the economy, taps with automatic shut-off sensors
  2. Energy. It is best to use all available opportunities of the energy, reducing costs through proper lighting, replacement of windows, the establishment of temperature control sensors in heating systems, insulation of facades eco-friendly materials
  3. Cleaning. The use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and other consumables do not contain chlorine, phosphonates and other environmentally harmful substances
  4. Paper. Purchase of paper for office needs completely or partially made from recycled materials, rational use and possible transition to the electronic media, as well as the collection and delivery of waste paper.
  5. Waste. The use of containers for separate waste collection, contracts for separate garbage collection with the respective service providers.
  6. Purchases. Responsible procurement of office supplies, materials do not cause environmental harm
  7. Employees. Raising activities, eco-workshops, master classes, visual aids

You do not have to grasp at all the blocks at once, it is better to start with the highest priority for the company and gradually implement them in accordance with the plan. Experts say reducing administrative costs by 10-15% with the correct implementation of the “green office”, which supports not only social, but also a pragmatic aspect of this concept.