World retail trends and the impact of facility management on shopping
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World retail trends and the impact of facility management on shopping

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International experts in the field of global retail development trends Euromonitor International, annually identify the main trends that will affect the market in the coming year. For this time, in its report, the company allocated 8 megatrends. In this article, we will understand how facilitation management can help retailers are on the crest of the wave and use modern tools to increase sales.

World retail trends and the impact of facility management on shopping

Euromonitor experts called the first trend “connected consumers”. At the moment, digitalization is happening in all areas of life, the oversaturation of digital information has led people to gradually begin to reduce their dependence on technology. Thus, the use of physical tools for interacting with a client remains the most relevant.

The second trend is “passion for a healthy lifestyle.” Every year this trend becomes more holistic. Now people are not limited to diets and visits to gyms, but think more widely, being interested in the origin of the food they eat, organic personal care products, and even the surrounding atmosphere and air.

Trend # 3 – “The Impact of Ethical Values”. Ecology, humane treatment of animals, and waste management are increasingly influencing the image of brands. People want to see ecological packaging in the products, a transparent brand information policy, and inspirational brands are important for customers.

“Shopping in a new way” is the fourth trend that has dominated the market for several years. This includes interaction with the buyer through all kinds of channels, anywhere, anytime. Consumers also need a personalized shopping experience. The use of artificial intelligence, the Internet of things and other technical innovations is gaining momentum

Number 5 on the megatrends list is “extra experience.” The bottom line is that modern people are more likely to gain experience than to receive goods. That is why interest in buying services is growing, and in things is falling. And here an important role is played by conducting various events for consumers, communicating directly with the brand through digital channels and experimenting with marketing strategies.

“The retreat of the middle class” or the sixth trend in the list indicates a change in the behavior of this important layer of buyers. The consumer of the middle class, has become more selective in making purchases, the emphasis is shifting to online stores, wholesale warehouses and discount stores

The seventh trend, experts called “Premiumization.” A modern buyer is willing to pay more for really needed things, while refusing less important or just emotional purchases. Personalized and convenient services, products promoting a healthy lifestyle and environmental friendliness are important here.

And the latest trend is “changing market boundaries”. The trend of the last 2 years speaks of a serious shift in the interests of large companies towards Asia and Africa. The growing population and incomes of China indicate that this market will be the main global consumer in the coming years. Some African countries also show significant economic growth and are also becoming an attractive market for global retailers.

Despite the development of technology and the digitalization of retail, physical stores continue to play a significant role for consumers. The main megatrends say that modern customers go to stores not only for goods and services, but also for experience and facilitation management just preparing a platform to meet these needs.

So, the first thing customers pay attention to when entering a store is cleanliness. But just a cleaned room in the modern world is no longer enough. The polite staff in uniform says much more about the point of sale than it might seem at first glance. And the use of professional and environmentally friendly detergents will add points from a modern buyer to any store.

Safety is the basic need of a person, without which there can be no talk of purchases. Understanding that the guards know their job, competently and delicately eliminate all threats makes it possible to relax and focus on having a good time and purchasing goods.

Atmosphere. Relative humidity, room temperature, air quality all play a paramount role in creating comfortable shopping conditions.

All these are the tasks that the services of facilitation management solve. And only cooperation with an experienced team of professionals will create those conditions in which it is possible to effectively develop new strategies for attracting customers.