Responsible waste management as an important component of modern business
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Responsible waste management as an important component of modern business

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In European countries, sorting and recycling is a prerequisite for any business. The legislative framework and state control do not leave companies unable to ignore this aspect of the company’s life.

Responsible waste management as an important component of modern business

Naturally, this state of affairs gave a significant impetus to the development of the corresponding service from the facilitation of companies. The organization of responsible waste management is a rather time-consuming and time-consuming process, which is best entrusted to professionals. For commercial buildings, it consists of several stages:

  1. Placement of separate bins for each type of garbage (plastic, glass, paper).
  2. Conducting outreach and training activities to create a culture of waste sorting
  3. Waste removal to appropriate landfills, waste recycling enterprises and industries working with recyclables.

And there are two important points. Firstly, it is the right motivation for staff, guests, and buyers to sort waste. The latest trend in this area is gamification. The game form allows you to engage people and make them active participants in the process. For example, accrual of bonuses, points to departments for proper sorting, offering customers discounts, gifts for performing certain actions related to waste processing. Large corporations have gone even further. They create special applications where an employee or client receives certain chips, insignia, reaches new levels for sorting waste, recycling, reducing the amount of garbage disposed of, etc.


The second point is cooperation with landfills and meat processing enterprises. Garbage collection to landfills is paid, and for example, the production of recyclable products may pay extra for the supply of raw materials in a suitable form. Naturally, the company’s faculty understand much more about all these nuances and can provide high-quality service and favorable conditions for cooperation.

In Ukraine, the sorting and processing of garbage is not yet a widespread phenomenon. On the one hand, in 2019 a law was passed on mandatory waste sorting, on the other hand, there are too few mechanisms for its implementation, and there is no control over the implementation of this norm. In our country, there are very few waste processing enterprises, and those that are are only 40% loaded by the domestic market, the rest of the waste has to be bought abroad!

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Gradually, waste sorting tanks appear on the streets; shops, offices, branches of service companies also introduce a culture of responsible behavior with waste, catering establishments use less and less plastic, replace tubes, boxes with analogues from recycled paper. Responsible waste management is becoming a trend and the business cannot be left out, especially since it does not require much effort.

It is not the first year that SHEN has been dealing with waste management issues for commercial real estate objects. The company takes care of the entire cycle from installing garbage bins and bins for different types of garbage to waste collection. We make sure that the client has the opportunity to focus on the main type of activity, while our qualified specialists will manage the operation of real estate.