Facility management in office real estate
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Facility management in office real estate

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Interest in effective Facility management and Property management in office centers has increased significantly. This trend is easily explained by the need to optimize resources, as well as the increased demand for quality premises to increase staff productivity.

Facility management in office real estate

We will understand in concepts, and we will begin with Property management. This is a type of management of commercial real estate objects, the main purpose of which is to increase the profitability of the object and manage its value. The main purpose of this type of activity is to manage the marketing, financial and legal processes for the commercial use of the property.

The main activities of property management are:

  • Promotion of the object on the market
  • Operational management
  • Financial planning

Facility management is an organizational function that brings people together, locates and adjusts processes inside the building, with the aim of improving the quality of life of people and the performance of the core business

The standard package of services for office buildings includes:

  • Technical management of object systems
  • Energy management
  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Maintenance and repair services
  • Reception Services
  • Landscape Services

Since each office center is unique, services are usually selected individually, service companies are also ready to offer the following services:

  • Catering
  • Phytodesign
  • Supply of stationery
  • Organization of corporate events
  • Parking services

Leading global technology giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon are leaders in creating unique conditions for the staff in their offices.

Google pays a lot of attention to the leisure activities of its employees in different offices around the world.

The main office of Facebook has a huge territory and many unique features. From huge game rooms and open-air grounds, music studios, green gardens and art installations to a carpentry workshop. Everything is thought out here, right down to the presence of toothbrushes in the bathrooms. An interesting solution was to put a vendor machine on each floor, with keyboards, batteries, headphones and everything you might need to work, in addition, the office has special help rooms if you need a non-standard cable or tablet, of course it’s all free.

Amazon’s Seattle office, which opened recently, looks more like a botanical garden

With so many diverse services, effective management is extremely important. Automation of processes is the main trend in the management of real estate. Transparency of work, efficiency, responsiveness are becoming the norm for service companies using specialized software.

The combination of such software products, with another important trend of the industry – the technology of the Internet of Things, turns the office center into a smart building. A smart building is a single organism, with centralized control, where each system responds to people’s requests, offering the most comfortable conditions of stay. In addition, resource savings with this approach shows its maximum values. After all, if the staff at the moment do not use this or that room, then the light, heating, ventilation there is also not needed. If the sun heats the building in autumn, then there is no need for artificial heating.

Workspace management is becoming an important trend in the management of an office building. Almost a third of the European managers surveyed may opt for a higher salary in favor of an office offering more additional benefits. Organization of coffee bars, rooms for sports, games, rooms for relaxation, all this on the crest of popularity. Studies show that such a concern for staff significantly increases the loyalty and productivity of staff.

SHEN, as the industry leader, constantly monitors the latest trends and technological innovations in the field of office property management. This knowledge, as well as many years of experience, helps the company to realize the tasks of managing non-core processes for the offices of many clients. We thank our partners for their confidence and look forward to further productive and mutually beneficial cooperation.