Supermarkets Maintenance
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Supermarkets Maintenance

SHEN, the leader of the Ukrainian market, offers advanced solutions for the service of engineering systems and equipment of supermarkets. We will ensure uninterrupted operation and creation of comfortable conditions for shopping!

Supermarkets Maintenance

Features of supermarkets and hypermarkets maintenance

Temperature, air quality, humidity, storage conditions for products and preparation of semi-finished products significantly affect the number of customers and the size of the average check. Indeed, if the microclimate inside the store is not comfortable, clients will try to leave as soon as possible and not return without need.

Also, interruptions in the operation of engineering systems and equipment can significantly reduce the quality of food products or even spoil them. A large number of commercial equipment requires the involvement of different technical specialists. Hiring these specialists may be incredibly disadvantageous. The professional company ensures uninterrupted operation, comfortable conditions and optimises resources. What is essential, such company frees up employees’ time for solving important strategic and tactical tasks related to sales of goods.

Equipment Maintenance

  • Refrigerating. Regular maintenance of refrigerators and freezers both in trading floors and in warehouses, replacement of consumables.
  • Thermal. Cleaning of stoves, ovens, grills, regular maintenance, replacement of worn elements
  • Other. Maintenance of specialised equipment, vendor machines, and coffee machines

Engineering Systems Maintenance

The complex of services for managing the operation of engineering systems includes:

  • Conditioning and ventilation. Setting the optimal operating mode, replacing filters and other consumables, cleaning channels, checking the operation of units and mechanisms regularly.
  • Power supply. Selection of the optimal brightness of light, replacement of bulbs, an additional set of light for the needs of trading floors, warehouses, culinary shops, utility rooms, scheduled maintenance of electrical circuits and electrical control panels.
  • Water and drainage systems. Scheduled check of pipes and utility cores, a replacement of taps, mixer taps, fittings, clearing blockages.

Advantages of cooperation with SHEN

SHEN technical maintenance helps to increase the attractiveness of supermarkets and hypermarkets due to the high quality of service, technological processes, and a professional team. Our advantages are as follows:

  • Service throughout Ukraine
  • Many years of experience in supermarkets with a massive flow of clients
  • Well-coordinated work of a professional team
  • Software automation to ensure comfortable and transparent collaboration and create short and straightforward service processes
  • Use of proven tools, supplies, equipment and tools to maintain the best level of service
  • Liability insurance
  • Work according to international standards

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