Security of Enterprises and Industrial Property
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Security of Enterprises and Industrial Property

Security of Enterprises and Industrial Property

Importance of Enterprise Physical Security

Security is very important for any enterprise. Enterprises and industrial facilities are particularly vulnerable to unauthorized access, theft and vandalism. Professional security at production facility minimizes break-in attempts and property damage.

What Does the Service Include?

Very often, physical security alone is not enough for enterprises and the manufacturing sector, especially for complex and large facilities, therefore the following services are included in the package:

  • Physical security posts located at entrance units, entrances and exits
  • Development of patrol schedules, 24-hour security
  • Installation and maintenance of access control system, implementation of turnstiles, passes, etc.
  • Installation of video surveillance systems
  • Installation of alarm systems
  • Advice on improving the security system

Benefits of Working with SHEN

SHEN offers an individual and high-quality security solution for enterprises and industrial facilities. Our experience and knowledge are backed up with international best practices to guarantee a high level of services and long-term partnership. Security by SHEN is as follows:

  • Free audit of enterprise buildings and development of individual security plan that takes into account all facility features
  • Highly qualified staff with knowledge and skills in the security of production facilities
  • Risk insurance
  • Process transparency thanks to professional software
  • Regular suggestions for improvement
  • Quality control according to international standards
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