Who is a cleaning manager?
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Who is a cleaning manager?

Cleaning is a specific area of ​​activity where established processes, cleaning technology and a systematic approach play a large role. The provision of quality service also largely depends on the staff and the cleaning manager here play one of the leading roles. This category of employees has a wide range of responsibilities and deals with all issues related to the work of personnel, monitoring the implementation of tasks and the availability of a technical base, analysis and reporting, interaction with customers.

Who is a cleaning manager?

Who is suitable for the role of cleaning manager

The profession of cleaning a manager is interesting and complex, it requires certain skills, character traits and stress resistance. This person must combine leadership qualities and openness, the ability to negotiate and resolve conflict situations.

What skills should a cleaning manager have?

Ideally, such an employee should have a higher education and have practical skills in cleaning commercial premises using various chemicals, tools and equipment. That is why often cleaning managers become proven cleaners, they inside know all the features of cleaning the premises. Psychological skills will also come in handy when training staff and creating a productive work environment.

What is the responsibility of a cleaning manager

A professional in the field of cleaning process management has a wide range of responsibilities. The main ones, among which are:

  • Staff training and adaptation
  • Work with technological maps, in particular, their development and adjustment according to customer needs and the type of premises served
  • Management of the cleaning process (preparation of a work plan, cleaning schedules, distribution of tasks and work areas between staff)
  • Safety training, as well as the preparation of various kinds of work instructions for staff
  • Monitoring of work and personnel assessment
  • Work customer interaction
  • Control over the appearance of employees and their behavior, politeness
  • Providing cleaning staff with the necessary tools
  • Reporting on work done to top management

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