What to look for when choosing facility company
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What to look for when choosing facility company

Today in Ukraine there are several large national and international facilitation management companies providing a full range of property management services, as well as many small operators working with one or several individual facilitation services. How to properly evaluate the future partner, we will explain in this article.

What to look for when choosing facility company

The first thing that needs to be done when deciding to give questions related to the operation of the property to a professional company is to formulate the terms of reference as clearly as possible, including general information about the building, the necessary list of services, quality requirements and deadlines. Based on this information, weeding out unsuitable companies is much easier.

When collecting general information about the company’s facili- ties, you should pay attention to the following points: how many years the company has been on the market, the number of customers, territorial coverage, and the availability of all necessary licenses for the types of work of interest. An important point is also the experience of the future partner in your field of activity.

An important element of the successful operation of the property is the control algorithm. On the example of SHEN, this cycle consists of:

  • Development of operational management technology (contracts, standards, KPI criteria, instructions, processes)
  • Management and control (Prengi FM system, work with personnel, formation of the material base, logistics, disposal management)
  • Performance of work (provision of services, provision of working clothes, equipment, equipment, inventory)
  • Report and performance analysis (provision of reports, references)
  • Introduction of innovations (quarterly proposals on the introduction of innovations and improvement of service)

The most important component of the company’s work is the quality of services. Prior to the start of cooperation, this indicator can be quite problematic, but the availability of international ISO quality management certificates, the work on HACCP safety standards indicates a certain level of services. Reviews and recommendations can also say a lot about the company.

In the service sector, the main role is played by the staff. A professional company necessarily pays a lot of attention to staff training and adaptation. Regular assessment, planned training events, professional development, and individual adaptation in the field are an integral part of the work.

When it comes to staff, it is necessary to clarify the legal aspects related to the formalization of employees. Properly (legally) employed staff increases the price of the service, but the risks associated with the provision of the service are assumed by the contractor. It is also a guarantee of the safety and integrity of the company’s material assets.

The appearance of the staff. Branded clothing, neat appearance, friendliness raises the image and status of the company in the eyes of customers, customers, partners and guests, so this factor should not be underestimated when choosing a contractor.

Technology is everything. The use of software and innovative products greatly optimize and facilitate collaboration. For example, SHEN Facility in its work gave preference to the Prengi product specially developed for the needs of the company. Thanks to this platform, the provision of services becomes transparent, simple and understandable, business processes are accelerated.

Not only integrity, appearance and quality, but also the productivity and health of the staff and guests of the building depends on the chemicals used, consumables, equipment and technology. The cheapest materials and tools do not always come out as the cheapest according to the results of the work performed

Active membership in industry associations, participation of the company’s facili- ty in exhibitions, events aimed at the development of markets indicate that the company values ​​its reputation and cares about the quality and timeliness of service delivery

The best companies in the market are interested in the development of the client’s company, therefore, on a regular basis in the process of cooperation, they offer solutions for improving business processes, services, technology and optimization.

In conclusion, we note that as a market leader, SHEN stands for market transparency and productive customer relations. The creation of an honest, competitive and understandable market will only contribute to the development of a sector in Ukraine.