Professional cleaning or creating a productive environment for the company
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Professional cleaning or creating a productive environment for the company

According to the experts of Facility of SHEN company, clean rooms are the most important element of the work of any enterprise. This is especially true of food companies, where cleaning directly affects the health of consumers. This article will talk about professional cleaning as a business process and its components.

Professional cleaning or creating a productive environment for the company

Cleaning planning

Before starting the service, especially when it comes to complex or large objects, a professional company audits the premises. In the course of this survey, an analysis of the room surfaces, equipment, hard-to-reach areas is carried out, the types of pollution are analyzed. The result of these actions is the compilation of a report and a cleaning chart, which, in addition to the collected data, contains information on the required number of personnel, cleaning products, cleaning machines and tools, as well as the frequency of maintenance and criteria for evaluating the quality of work.


The most important element of any kind of cleaning work is the staff. It is from his work that the quality, efficiency and safety of cleaning activities depend. It is very important the process of training and adaptation of staff. The training consists of two important blocks:

  • Basic training. Training in the necessary cleaning skills, technological process, rules and standards of quality of service
  • Training to work on a specific object. In this block, more attention is paid to working with specific cleaning products, surfaces, tools and machines necessary to service the enterprise on which the staff will work.

According to international standards, every six months cleaning staff undergoes repeated training to maintain knowledge and advanced training.

All training efforts may be useless without an adaptation program. Each company is unique and has its own mode and style of work, its culture, where the cleaning is carried out only before the start of work, where it is always necessary is among a large gathering of visitors. In the process of adaptation it is important to create working conditions in which it will be comfortable for all parties to the process.

Calendar plan

Before starting the service at the enterprise, another important document needs to be agreed with the customer – this is the schedule. The schedule must contain the following items:

  • Period of cleaning activities.
  • List of all premises to be cleaned
  • Types of work and their frequency

Depending on the field of activity of the enterprise, and the conditions of the signed contract, such plans can be drawn up for a year, seasonally (in the offseason, the frequency and types of work may change due to the need for more frequent cleaning)

Cleaning various surfaces

Separately, let’s talk about cleaning various surfaces, because improper maintenance can lead to damage to the company’s property. In no case can not be washed with one tool and the floors, and work surfaces and equipment. Here it is important to strictly adhere to the flow chart, which indicates the means and tools for processing a particular site.

Outsourcing companies often use professional cleaning products that are sold in the form of a concentrate, so special attention should be paid to the correct dosage.

Check list

A check list is an assessment of the quality of the cleaning of the premises, as well as customer satisfaction with the activities carried out. In order for the client’s expectations to coincide with the real possibilities of the contractor, it is necessary to clearly state in the check sheet the criteria for evaluating the work performed. 

Thanks to modern technology, work evaluation can be carried out using special software. SHEN, in its work, uses the Prengi platform, which automates processes and makes the business transparent. Extensive product capabilities provide an opportunity to evaluate the work in real time, and if necessary, quickly adjust the work of the staff.

The impact of cleaning on staff and visitors

The first thing that draws attention to the person entering the company is the cleanliness of the room. If the building is dirty, neither expensive repairs nor friendly staff will save. But the look is just the tip of the iceberg. Scientists have proven the direct effect of harvesting on health and productivity.

So, the frequency and thoroughness of cleaning, the use of professional cleaning products and detergents, special machines and tools have a positive effect on air quality, creating a productive working environment and a surge of strength for employees. On the contrary, the presence of dust, harmful chemical additives and an unpleasant smell negatively affects the health and well-being of people.

It is also worth noting that all that is in the air can be absorbed into the products produced, which can have extremely negative consequences, especially if the company is engaged in the production and sale of food.

In conclusion, we note that the cleanliness of the premises can not be considered a secondary task. The organization of a competent cleaning process will help to optimize resources, increase reputation and improve staff productivity and well-being.