Preparing building systems for the spring-summer season
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Preparing building systems for the spring-summer season

An abnormally warm winter can affect the duration of the heating season and the time it takes to conduct seasonal maintenance work on the building. Therefore, it is now worth thinking about a number of activities necessary for the transition to the spring-summer mode of operation.

Preparing building systems for the spring-summer season

Traditionally, this mode begins after increasing the average daily temperature to +8 degrees for 6 days. At this point, it is necessary to carry out scheduled maintenance, which includes:

  • Preservation of the heating system in the building, if any
  • Preparation of ventilation and air conditioning systems, including diagnostics of the cooling system, ducts, filters, etc.
  • Flushing the water supply and air conditioning system, as well as replacing consumables, oil seals, checking valves
  • Preparing an irrigation system in the surrounding area

In addition to the maintenance of building systems, it is also necessary to pay attention to the real estate object itself, namely:

  • Conduct a general seasonal cleaning
  • Inspect the roof and facades of the building for cracks, leaks.
  • Prepare the surrounding area for spring work, planting grass, flowers, bushes.
  • Switch input groups to summer operation, if any

Based on weather forecasts, experts say that the heating season may end this year two weeks earlier than usual, so SHEN recommends taking care in advance of choosing a reliable contractor for seasonal maintenance of the property.