Organization of a “super” office. How can facility management be useful?
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Organization of a “super” office. How can facility management be useful?

An office that works like a clock, where everything is in its place, where it is comfortable to work, where people have created not only conditions for work but also for relaxation, the dream of any leader. The organization of such a work space on our own is often too difficult a task, requiring significant material and human costs, and it is not a fact that in the end everything will work just as I wanted, because this is not the main activity of the company.

Organization of a “super” office. How can facility management be useful?

Professional faculty companies that have extensive experience in organizing the work of offices can come to the rescue. Large international operators have gone very far in the development of this area of ​​activity. For large companies, special applications are created based on the Internet of things, where each employee can access comprehensive information about available parking spaces, lunch menus, meeting schedules, free meeting rooms, etc. Also, such applications allow you to customize the operation of the systems individually to the needs of employees: adjust the intensity of lighting, room temperature, air humidity. The domestic market in this regard is taking only the first steps to such smart offices. However, with limited capabilities, much can be done. Let us consider in more detail the main tasks that a company for offices performs.

Based on the capabilities of the company and office premises, a detailed action plan is being developed with a clear time frame so that the client’s expectations match the capabilities of the FM company as much as possible.

The stages of implementation of changes may vary, since the plan is affected by many factors that need to be taken into account, but the main tasks are as follows:

Ergonomics. It includes the organization of space in the most efficient manner, taking into account the increase of comfort for employees. Typically, such solutions can free up to 30% of the office space, by arranging furniture, appliances, office equipment or open space, placing departments for convenient logistics inside the office.

Cleaness. Out-of-office hours cleaning using professional tools and tools creates a certain working atmosphere and has a beneficial effect on the health and well-being of employees. In this office I want to work!

Comfort. Favorable working conditions are primarily created by the office environment. Proper operation of building systems will maintain the desired temperature, humidity, the necessary brightness of the light, the absence of extraneous odors.

Security. The self-preservation instinct is one of the strongest in humans, so a sense of security is extremely important for the productive work of the office. Professional security, trained, polite, quickly responding to situations that arise is exactly what is needed to maintain an uninterrupted and efficient office.

Leisure. Every employee needs a break from time to time to restore strength and tidy up thoughts. A place that is freed up after the proper organization of the office space can be used to create lounges, sports, reading books, teaching foreign languages, islands of silence.

Landscaping. This is an important global trend in recent years. It is proved that plants can reduce stress at work, and also improve air quality. However, professionals from the world of flora should choose representatives, since some plants, on the contrary, can cause, for example, headaches, while others, in principle, cannot survive in office conditions.

Thus, facility management helps to create the most productive working conditions, as well as take care of both the mental and physical condition of the office staff. And the organization of well-coordinated work of the team becomes not such a difficult task in a space where all the conditions for comfortable workdays are created.