Facility Management in the USA. Figures, facts, trends

According to experts, in 2018 the world market of Facility Management was estimated at 1.19 trillion dollars. The lion’s share of this figure is the US market, namely $ 335 billion. Such indicators are not surprising, given the scale and level of development of the country, and the fact that FM originated in the states.

Facility Management in the USA. Figures, facts, trends

For almost 4 decades of the official creation of the profession, this market has undergone significant changes and to this day is the trendsetter for the development of the industry for the whole world.

Statistical data

Today, Facility management in the USA is 1.6% of GDP, that is, it is a significant market for the country’s economy. At the same time, 55.2% of the market value falls on outsourcing FM and 44.8% on insourcing FM, respectively. It is noteworthy that in the developed countries of Europe this ratio is approximately 60/40 in favor of internal facilitation services.

The division of services by industry is the following proportion:

Facility Management in the USA. Figures, facts, trends

It is also worth noting that the market growth in the medium term is expected to reach 5.5% -6%.

Engines of the industry and prospects for further development

The above figures indicate that the US FM market has long been established and will continue to develop according to the forecast scenario in the absence of serious shocks. No significant jumps or recessions are expected here.

The industry is gradually starting to shift towards integrated facilitation management. According to Frost & Sullivan, if a few years ago the share of such services in the outsourcing structure was 8-9%, now it is at 19%. By the way, this is a global trend, the commercial sector, as the engine of the FM market in developed countries, has already understood all the benefits of a full range of building management services.

It is also worth noting three interesting points that significantly affect the US market today. Firstly, these are government initiatives to improve medical centers. Health facilities in the states are quite lively institutions, where there are always a lot of people, staff, patients. Technical services are in greatest demand here, and the demand for such services in the sector continues to grow exponentially.

The second point is the sharp increase in the number of tourists over the past couple of years, which in turn forces the services sector, hotels, restaurants, airports, and shopping centers to provide more and more high-quality service for their customers, without raising prices.

And the third factor that has a serious impact on the facilitation industry is the pace of new construction. Over the past 2 years, the non-residential construction market has sagged significantly, while the construction of residential buildings is growing at 10% per year. This negatively affects new customers in the commercial sector and develops public-private partnerships.

Thus, in the next few years, the US market will continue to actively switch to services based on integrated facilitation of management, the country will maintain a leading position in this direction, and thanks to government support, service directions for medical and state institutions, offices and educational buildings will develop at the fastest pace.