Office administration. Manage effectively
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Office administration. Manage effectively

The modern office is a complex structure uniting people, material resources, business processes. The connecting link, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of this system is the administrative and economic activity.

Office administration. Manage effectively

Administration of the office is a whole complex of activities for the management and organization of the company, the establishment of business processes and communication between departments. Such management solves a number of key tasks, without the effectiveness of which, the company’s productive work is impossible:

  • Organization and planning of office work
  • Budgeting and payment of utility bills
  • Providing the company with the necessary economic materials and tools
  • Organization of cleaning, protection, waste management
  • Organization of necessary repair work
  • Provision of maintenance, maintenance of temperature, air quality, control of lighting and noise in the office
  • Organization of transportation for employees of the company
  • Providing communication in the office and mobile communication for employees
  • Organization of document circulation Accounting and control over material resources of the company

Additional administrative functions include:

  • Corporate site administration
  • HR management and recruitment
  • Organization of crossings
  • Planning and organization of corporate events
  • Organization of training events (language courses for employees, fitness programs, trainings)

Often, such a large area of ​​responsibility proves to be unaffordable for one employee, since an integrated approach, teamwork, strong managerial skills and considerable work experience are needed to solve all these tasks. And here the question arises: is it worth to hire additional staff or a significant part of the responsibilities you can transfer to an outsourcing company?

Consider the advantages of working with a professional company:

  • Savings on wages for additional staff. Yes, outsourcing companies will also have to pay, but most often the cost of such services is cheaper than full-time administrators.
  • Well-established supply chains of necessary goods and services.
  • Working with trusted suppliers, as well as discounts to wholesale buyers, allows the customer to save extra.
  • Work with qualified and experienced managers. There is no need to train personnel, errors in work are minimized
  • Work with a single contractor. There is no need to work with different companies on all necessary goods and services for the office. This facilitates the work of not only the administrator, but also accountants, lawyers.
  • Consultations on the possibilities of optimizing the work of the office, and as a result, saving resources

Each company independently chooses which way to conduct administrative and economic activities to choose. However, it is always worth remembering the importance of administration for all departments of the office and the company as a whole.