Why should give maintenance to the outsourcing service?

Maintenance of facilities for owners is quite expensive in terms of money and in terms of time. With increasing competition in the market more and more companies give non-core activities to outsource. But in spite of all the benefits of symbiosis with the management company, the enterprises in no hurry to transfer the control and management of the technical operation of its properties. Let's understand that includes maintenance and some undeniable benefits the customer receives by signing a contract with the outsourcing company.

Here are the major work on the technical support of the object:

  • Installation and maintenance of electrical supply and lighting systems, water supply and sewerage, air-conditioning and ventilation systems as well as cooling and heating;

  • Repair Work;

  • Plumbing work;

  • Installation and maintenance of process equipment, lifting equipment, entrance groups

The above points demonstrate how large amount of works on technical maintenance of buildings and structures. Passing the management company taking care of real estate, the customer receives the following benefits:

  • It allows the company to concentrate on its core business without being distracted by operational problems in maintenance of buildings

  • It increases the life cycle of the equipment, and the life of the property, which value decreases with every year

  • It increases profits by optimizing resources and the proper management of all technical processes

  • It reduces the risk of accidents and emergencies, as all processes are in continuous monitoring mode. Timely preventive maintenance of equipment and all operating systems.

Note that SHEN company carries the full range of technical support facility that provides for scheduled service and emergency service 24/7, is a reliable partner of the leading companies in Ukraine, and for 10 years is the undisputed leader in Facility Management in Ukraine.


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