SHEN Company is one of the leaders of the Facility Management market in Ukraine, provides a full range of services for commercial real estate.

The company's human resource management system accompanies the employee at all stages of the work. The company has a system of training, adaptation and mentoring for the further development of each employee.


Specialists are trained with highly qualified trainers, in order to form high standards of service provision and staff adaptation for various working conditions.

SHEN offers a competitive and stable salary, a professional and cohesive team, an opportunity for career growth and free education.


On the issues of hiring, call:

- 0990571317

- 0630571317

- 0674645764


Open vacancies of  SHEN company for  today:

Administrator to the cleaning company


Specialist on professional cleaning


Manager on cleaning services








Valets (carts) in the shop


The mechanic on repair of heating networks


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