Development Trends and Prospects Facility Management in Ukraine

The economic crisis has shown the critical role for the prosperity of the company to optimize resources and costs. An important component of these processes is the transfer of non-core activities under the management of outsourcing companies.

Facility Management in Ukraine


Developers, retailers, manufacturers and other owners of commercial real estate began to think about the need for companies Facility in their work.

Despite this, today the business is actively engaging Facility company to address only part of the tasks related to the operation of the facility, mainly in the services of cleaning, as well as special services, such as fire safety, because not all property owners are willing to take on such a responsibility. Entrepreneurs are not ready to transfer your property to contractor management, and so there are a few reasons:

  • The obvious imperfection of the legal system of Ukraine, does not give confidence to the customer compensation in case of unfair performance by the contractor.

  • Not unimportant factor is corruption in the sphere of corporate relations. The customer does not control the procurement of the contractor can not fully trust management company. The reality is that unscrupulous companies often speculate on the costs, such as supplies to the customer.

  • There is also the factor of money in the market. Inflation and market instability provokes uneven growth of prices in different segments of the market, thus making it impossible to conclude a long-term partnership and to calculate the cost of services in the long term, and this affects the formation of the budget of any company.

  • The absence of the contractor companies the necessary resources for customer facilities, which leads to the inability to perform the tasks. In addition, many commercial facilities built 10-15 years ago, have advanced equipment, and there is a need for modernization of various systems. Most often, these problems are solved by its own technical, operational department that does not have all the necessary resources and experience in solving specific problems related to a specific hardware, internal communications, automation systems, software, etc.

  • Not well-established business processes, lack of automation and low level of management nullify the benefits from the participation of the outsourcing company. There is a belief that in the event of an emergency technicians to outsource, which must respond in minutes, and quickly troubleshoot problems in practice reacts within hours. In fact, modern automation and monitoring systems allow, in some cases, to respond to the damage even before it manifests and experienced facility companies use these helpers in their work for the smooth functioning of the managed object.

  • An important factor is the inadequate skills among the labor force, the absence of a sufficient number of personnel who can competently handle the equipment, troubleshoot, and at the same time to quickly respond to all customer queries. Also, due to the shortage of staff, there is a large staff turnover, staff entice, but overshadow the issues of their literacy learning. Since providing Facility Management services services to companies and management of the facility is a core activity, the organization thorough approach to the issues of technical and service personnel, often offers better working conditions, and trains personnel in accordance with the highest standards, because working in force in this business is essentially a product that is non-compliance with the expectations of just will not buy.


Market today


Do not forget that the Facility management - it is a partnership with property owners, and high-quality and well-honed work also depends on the internal structure of the customer, and its willingness to be integrated outsourcing services to its work system. The market of such services in Ukraine is a stage of formation, so necessary to a revision of business processes to meet the needs of new and has long operated properties. It is also important to work with the staff to implement the corporate culture, the system of selection and training of personnel. And it is hardly possible to imagine today without the optimization of new technologies and innovative solutions, quantity and quality of which is growing every day.


facility services market outlook


such services market outlook in our country quite extensive, often more interested in companies engaged in development rather than issues of management and operation of the property, but for the progress of the market need to make concrete steps:

  • Create a streamlined system of business processes, flexible enough to be able to promptly adjust and integrate it according to customer needs.

  • To develop the system of selection, training and adaptation of staff, to recruit and train technical personnel to build mechanisms for staff adaptation to the customer's corporate culture.

  • Implement innovative solutions, the latest technology in maintenance and operation of the facility, in order to optimize the entire spectrum of operations and minimize costs.

  • Develop a transparent system of reporting on the work performed to the client. Reporting should be clear, and provided in a form convenient for the customer, show the main figures, which you can easily analyze the work done

  • Create a user-friendly software and its annexes, easily adaptable to the client needs a monitoring system

  • Develop a flexible and transparent pricing policy, understandable to the client. The introduction of bonuses, discounts, systems are also important when working with a client.

  • Develop partnerships between companies, creating a trusting and long-term relationships, especially between the major players, to create and maintain a positive information field, information about the opportunities and prospects of such cooperation.

  • Use high-quality materials and equipment in their work to ensure the safety of staff


According to experts the implementation of all of these items have a significant impact on the state and structure of the market, not only facility services, but also the commercial real estate market in Ukraine.


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