Technical services

Facility SHEN company takes responsibility for providing management and control over the technical operation of real estate with the help of specialized technical services company that provides for scheduled services and emergency services 24/7.

Installation and maintenance of the electricity supply and lighting systems

The complex of services that includes current and emergency maintenance of the electrical supply systems and lighting includes:

⇒design and coordination of projects with energy-saving organizations, support of contracts;

⇒planned electrical works and preventive technical maintenance;

⇒identification of the causes of the problems of electrical supply systems and activation emergency (automatic) power outages and also troubleshooting;

⇒checkup, testing fixings of lighting fittings and its repair;

⇒replacing elements of the lighting system;

⇒ finding of damages and repair malfunctions of devices when they are connecting to the electrical networks;

⇒repairs and replacement of automated input systems; installation of internal cable electrical networks, lighting and electricity (sockets).

Installation and maintenance of the water supply and sewerage systems

This complex includes maintenance of the water supply systems  and sewerage:

⇒maintenance of water supply systems: design and installation of water supply systems, collector wiring of water supply, replacement and modernization of water supply, installation of water meters, installation and repair of sewerage systems; construction, repair, reconstruction and maintenance of treatment facilities including the installation and dismantling;

⇒diagnostics, connection and installation of sewerage equipment (pipes, pumps);

⇒cleaning of the sewerage with the use of the  manual rope;

⇒cleaning of stormwater drainages etc.

Installation and maintenance of the conditioning and ventilation systems

The complex of works on maintenance of ventilation and  conditioning systems includes:

⇒design of ventilation systems;

⇒design of  conditioning and heating systems;

⇒installation of  conditioners and refrigeration supply systems;

⇒installation of ventilation systems;

⇒service maintenance of  conditioners, testing and troubleshooting;

⇒ventilation maintenance, testing and troubleshooting;

⇒repair conditioners;

⇒emergency repair of ventilation and conditioning systems;

⇒diagnostics and regulation  of the equipment;

⇒projects' support.

Installation and maintenance of the refrigeration supply systems

Services for the organization and maintenance of refrigeration supply systems and devices from SHEN company include:

⇒consulting and selection of necessary  refrigeration equipment;

⇒approval of the budget and the plan of installation;

⇒installation and adjustment of work of refrigeration equipment;

⇒technical maintenance;

⇒current and emergency repairs of equipment.

Installation and maintenance of the heating supply systems

In our climate zone, the  heat networks are more important than the electrical and the maintenance of the heat networks in good condition is one of the main issues  from the point of view of  facility management in Ukraine.

The complex of works on  heating supply includes installation and maintenance:

⇒maintaining in serviceable condition of all equipment, building and other structures of the heating networks  providing the timely  inspection and repair;

⇒monitoring the work of pressure compensator, pillars, armatures, drainages, instrumentation and other elements of equipment with the timely detected troubleshooting;

⇒elimination of excessive losses of heat through the timely disconnection of non-working sections of the network, removing accumulating water in the channels and boxes, liquidation of penetration groundwater and upland waters  in the channels and boxes, timely recovery of damaged insulation;

⇒elimination of excessive hydraulic losses in the heating network through regular flushing and cleaning of pipelines;

⇒timely removing through the vent grooves out of the system of heat conductor  and preventing the air inflow by constantly maintaining over pressure at all points of the network and systems of users;

⇒maintaining in a heating system and heating points of users necessary hydraulic and heating regimes in a systematic verification of the required parameters in characteristic points of the network and heating points of users;

⇒providing the calculated distribution of the thermal acceptor through the heat points of users;

⇒taking action for the prevention, localization and elimination of malfunctions and  network crash.

Repair and construction works

Repair and construction works provide support of the correct operation of the internal engineering systems or of the current condition,  SHEN company offers:

⇒works on minor repair;

⇒plastering and putty works, coloring of walls and wallpapering;

⇒the structure of the facade;

⇒welding works;

⇒industrial floorings;

⇒installation of the metal-plastic windows and doors;

⇒installation of the suspended and gypsum ceilings;

⇒reconstruction by turn-key (from design to post warranty service).

Plumbing works

SHEN company provides a full complex of plumbing services of real estate:

⇒diagnostics of plumbing equipment;

⇒connection and installation of plumbing fixtures;

⇒technical maintenance and repair of plumbing;

⇒diagnostics components, details and mechanisms of pipelines.

Installation and maintenance of the technological equipment

Maintenance of technological equipment from  SHEN company includes:

⇒heating equipment (ovens, stoves, griddle surface, grills, deep fryers, steam tables, toasters, crepe makers);

⇒dishwashing equipment (glass washer machines, front/dome dishwashers, machines for washing kettles);

⇒ electromechanics (slicer , potato peelers, meat grinders, vegetable cutters);

⇒techno furniture;

⇒weighing equipment (batchwise, commodity and warehouse scales).

Installation and maintenance of the lifting equipment

Maintenance of lifting equipment, lifts and escalators from the facility company SHEN includes maintenance and repair of:

⇒all types of lifts;


⇒overhead cranes;

⇒hoists for warehouse, kitchen and shop.

Installation and maintenance of the input groups

Maintenance systems of input groups are based on the maintenance and repair of automatic doors: straight sliding single/double, open-wide, curved (circular, semicircular, radius), 3-and 4-wings (revolving) and mechanical doors:

⇒maintenance of automatic doors;

⇒the repair or replacement of controllers;

⇒the repair or replacement of electric motors;

⇒the repair or replacement of the encoders of the electric motors;

⇒replacement of rollers;

⇒the repair or replacement of the detection sensors;

⇒the repair or replacement of  security photo barriers;

⇒the repair or replacement of the mode switches of the door;

⇒installation of the additional safety sensors.

For more information and options of integrated real estate services in a certain  region of Ukraine you can get from our managers by phone