Technical consulting

Technical consulting of SHEN company  is a set of recommendations and services regarding the efficiency of production processes according to set technical and economic Client`s parameters.

It's skilled work of specialized professionals that efficiently, quickly and qualitatively are performing  all the tasks on your real estate. SHEN company offers technical consulting in the framework of facility management of real estate.

Technical audit

This is a formalized procedure for evaluating the effectiveness of  the  resources' use of the enterprise for a comprehensive assessment of the conditions  and also the reasons for the formation of expenses and the current results of operations,  comparison of the purposes and funds of the company, fixation the current state of economic activity for further improvement.

Technical design

This formalized procedure for calculating and describing the functional model of production  in order to determine the optimal conditions for the formation of  cost, parameters of the production system, requirements introductory resources and expected resource costs for the project.

The results of the technical design are the developed technical documents, recommendations and requirements to the place and information, forecast indicators and the preliminary assessment of the expediency of the project.

Project management

This procedure of planning and monitoring the implementation of design solutions developed in the previous step for the preparation and organization of the processes, testing of the internal procedures and external relations, the permits and approvals' implementation.

The result of the project management is an effectively functioning production.

Project support(the audit of the operational costs)

The project`s support which is already being implemented (or realized) is carried out in order to maintain of the achieved previously technical and economic performances in the long term.

The purpose is to maintain a stable level of performance in  the changing environment of direct and indirect influence, as well as the gradual reduction of costs on a background of increase of efficiency  Client`s functioning.

The result of the service is to save the competitiveness at a certain level as well as  consistent results on the technical and economic performance in the medium and long term.


This service from  SHEN company within the facility management of real estate allows to:

►optimize solutions for achieving production condition;

►find out what costs could be  in  case of using the other design, technological and organizational management decisions;

►understand what  should be changed to reduce costs to a minimum level  by maintaining a sufficiently high level of performance.

SHEN company's specialists will help you to evaluate the effectiveness and potential of the company, to identify optimal processes modes of planning, organization and control quality, technology implementation.

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