Is it worth to save on cleaning?

During the crisis period, as well as possible it is an issue of economy, minimize costs. Often managers looking cost items, see the allocation of funds for such an article as the cleaning, and without thinking twice decided to hire a cleaning lady, saving on office cleaning, retail facility or any other commercial premises.

But does it really save? If you look at the problem more broadly, we can see that professional cleaning units, solve a whole range of tasks, rather than just pure floor problem.

  • Firstly it is a well-trained staff that responds to all client requests and working on a well-oiled methods of using advanced technology and importantly has the skills to work with machinery, equipment and proper use of chemicals for cleaning all surfaces needed.

  • Secondly, cleaning companies often have in the arsenal of special cleaning equipment needed for cleaning large industrial facilities, and indispensable in maintaining the purity of the major retail outlets and shopping malls. Should such equipment is expensive, and to buy and maintain it, the owner of commercial space will cost a lot of money considerable. Of course, such units can be rented, but then have to hire special staff who can work with this technique, and whether it is cheaper?

  • Third Division Facility companies engaged in cleaning used professional cleaning products that do not harm the health of staff, and therefore do not lead to a decrease in productivity. Furthermore professionals typically use in their work dozens of different powders, creams, pastes, sprays, gels, etc., having a narrow purpose. The cost of these sets comes up to tens of thousand hryvnia.

  • Fourth with proper maintenance, cleaning and timely monitoring of fixed assets, increases their service life, and timely replacement of consumables will not lead to premature costly repairs customer equipment.


The Shen Company, the market leader in providing Facility Management services in Ukraine, know how important cleanliness of the enterprise. Cleaning the unit does not only support the purity of your facilities and staff productivity, and save you money.

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