The perfect partnership!

Partnership facility company SHEN with a network of supermarkets of home appliances Eldorado is one of the successful examples of excellent cooperation. After winning SНЕN submitted a tender for a full range of repair and construction works, the management of the supermarket network Eldorado has been able to fully assess the benefit, the advantage and comfort of cooperation with the facility company  #1.

Now, process service and maintenance, namely electrical, plumbing, repair, construction and demolition works, professional cleaning after construction, the overall removal of debris, maintenance of air conditioning and ventilation is care of a reliable partner SHEN.

SHEN company serves 15 complex supermarkets of home appliances Eldorado  in Kiev and 94 throughout Ukraine. We are always dedicated to providing the most comfortable conditions for our Clients. Cooperation with facility company SHEN is a combination of reliability, convenience and simplicity.

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