Safety and security

Security in the territory of a commercial building - One of the priorities of SHEN. We provide comprehensive business protection services that combine physical security and modern access control and monitoring technologies.


Our company offers the following safety and security  services at enterprises:


Ensuring the protection of objects by physical posts


Physical security of facilities - a set of measures aimed to protect objects from illegal penetration, attacks, as well as preventing industrial accidents, fires, maintaining order at enterprises.


SHEN pays great attention to the hiring, training and adaptation process. Our employees are a stress-resistant, well-trained staff, a neat appearance and politeness that will only enhance the image of your company.


We offer physical security services in the following segments:

  • Protection of shopping centers
  • Protection of business centers
  • Office security
  • Protection of construction objects
  • Protection of industrial facilities, factories, industrial enterprises
  • Protection of large areas and complex objects

Information Security Services


Information security for our company is providing the client with exhaustive information about the future partner, counterparty, employee, to minimize the risk of working with unscrupulous individuals and legal entities

The package includes:

  • Checking business partners and competitors
  • Assessment of the level of credit and other risks when concluding contracts
  • Collecting information for business partners
  • The check of candidates for positions of responsibility (personnel security)
  • Providing reference materials to the client



Aware - it means armed! Our company offers a full range of services for the audit of the existing security system of the enterprise, with the provision of recommendations for improving the enterprise protection system.


Access Control System


Access control systems are a complex of technical and software security tools that regulate the entry / exit and movement of people, transportation through the territory of the facility.


ACS are most effective in solving the following problems:

  • Improvement of labor discipline
  • Control and accounting of staff time
  • Restriction and control of access to separate premises or to controlled territory
  • Protection of property in general and increasing the level of security of the enterprise.

The company SHEN offers the design and installation of these systems of any complexity, with the further maintenance of installed elements. If necessary, we provide consultations and training for operators.

CCTV systems


The video surveillance system is an effective way of protecting objects of any complexity. Thanks to DVRs and cameras, it is possible to control hard-to-reach areas of the territory, large facilities, shopping centers, warehouses, industrial buildings, offices, etc.


The most effective these systems work in tandem with physical protection. Security officers will be able to react instantly to various situations on the entrusted object.

Protection of events


The protection of activities involves the development of a concrete plan of action and the posting of posts, according to the tasks assigned.


SHEN is an experienced provider of protection of mass events in the following areas:

  • Protection of business meetings
  • Protection of closed corporate events