Сleaning features. From offices to industrial buildings

With the development of the real estate market and the ever increasing number of commercial real estate, as well as increasing competition between industrial and commercial enterprises, we can see growing demand for a comprehensive service facilities (Facility), and one of the main areas - cleaning.


Complex cleaning is an important part of the company's life, from quality and hygiene standards depends  the health of the staff, proper storage and production of goods and services.


What includes professional cleaning

Depending on the scope of the enterprise, and the building structure, professional cleaning service includes the following aspects:

  • Wet cleaning of walls, partitions, cabinets, shelving, storage structures, using professional cleansers;

  • Using special equipment to maintain the cleanliness and cleaning of the ceiling, ceiling structures;

  • Professional floor cleaning by hand or with the help of the specialized equipment with a safe and healthy cleaning products;

  • When there is the needs of flooring protection, application of special envelopes;

  • The removal and disposal of waste;

  • Thorough disinfection of toilets;

  • When you need pest control and rodent control;


Professional cleaning of the SHEN Company


Our company is a leader in Facility Management in Ukraine. The most important directions of the company are professional cleaning services. We provide a one-time cleaning, seasonal cleaning works, or a comprehensive service of buildings and industrial facilities using professional equipment and cleansers of proven brands. Our employees carry out all complex of works with 100% quality, taking into account all the client's wishes, and working as a single mechanism, allowing you to focus on core business, without the distraction oN your real estate services.


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