Clean look of Silpo

On the eve of happy Easter, the day of light and purity, it is time to remember  that the purity of the facade and windows - is an appropriate image of the company, especially if it is a network of supermarkets Silpo, who are serious about this issue. As they say, the facade - it is the "face" of the building and the windows - its "eyes".

As part of the comprehensive service supermarkets Silpo, SHEN professional team of April 2015 carried out a cleaning of facades, windows, advertising signs and more than 50 000 sq. m. in Ukraine.

With own special machinery and equipment, extensive experience, skills and training professionals, facility company SNEN and efficiently carry out these services, given the inaccessibility of buildings and different heights.

Now  every customer of supermarkets Silpo can appreciate the desire to command even more aesthetically pleasing and improve the conditions of shops to buy each bring only pleasure!

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