Won the tender for maintenance and repair of equipment, advertising media and premises of EVA

Having become the winner of the tender of "RUSH" to "Maintenance and repair of equipment, advertising media and the shop of beauty, health and household products EVA", SNEN  company has used a number of opportunities of facility management to get a good result!

Rapidly mastering Ukrainian vast retail SNEN company reaches new heights in the field of real estate services and perfectly fulfills the tasks of any complexity! Thanks to the cooperation of our clients are able to focus on the business and not waste time on issues related to the service, efficiency and continuity of all the processes of commercial real estate.

SNEN services of facility management allowed management of RUSH company focus on their core business and to free themselves from routine worries associated with servicing the network of shops EVA. As a result, well-functioning business SNEN units in limited time allowed to establish control over the operation of all shops. The new system involves the building management system software and hardware that allow for centralized monitoring and management. All data on the functioning of the system elements come into a single control center and data processing in the "online", where operators are processed on 24/7 mode.

Thanks to a new approach to optimize the maintenance shop to get a number of business processes, reduce risk of equipment failure and to prevent failures of the work - as a result increase the profit from the work of the entire network.

In detail, the cooperation with SNEN on introduction of facility management in the shops will allow to EVA:

1. to reduce the costs of provision and operation of engineering systems through rapid identification pre-emergency situations;

2. to reduce power consumption of all systems by optimizing loads and scheduling flexibility in their management;

3. keep account performance and energy engineering equipment, which allowed maintenance planning, maintenance and repair work;

4.fix all technological processes in engineering systems and personnel actions on their service.

At the same time, when a network of shops EVA gives its customers the beauty, the task of facility company SNEN is making all the processes in the shops were implemented smoothly and comfortably, but unbeknownst to buyers.

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