Repairs of CСHSBSU chambers from SHEN company

Concerned about the difficult situation in the East of Ukraine, SHEN  company and its partners have decided to help in the repair of equipment and Chambers of the Central Clinical Hospital of the State Border Service of Ukraine for the treatment of wounded soldiers.

At this difficult time for Ukraine, when the territory of Eastern regions every minute is a struggle for independence and the future of the state, everyone needs to think about what might be useful to restore peace and prosperity to his country. With extensive experience in the reconstruction and maintenance of a variety of real estate and knowing about financial difficulties in the preparation of medical institutions to receive the injured and provide them with appropriate assistance, SHEN company initiated the renovation in one of the hospitals.

Thanks to the joint efforts of SHEN employees and partner companies, funds were raised for the repair of 4 chambers and equipping them with everything necessary to receive the wounded. SHEN company specializes in allowed to carry out repairs quickly, efficiently and within a limited budget. Among the works that took over SHEN company, included: repair of 4 chambers, including dismantling, repair and finishing works (painting ceilings, walls, plaster work, plaster work on the ceiling and walls, repairing the floor, laying linoleum, installation of baseboards, laying tile in the bathrooms, plastering and painting), installation of doors; electrical engineering work (replacement of sockets, switches); plumbing (installation of sanitary furniture, showers, sinks, faucets installation).

On behalf of the management of SHEN company thank all the staff who supported this initiative and helped in fundraising! We believe that this small contribution will play a significant role in the speedy recovery of our troops and help medical professionals in their work.

SHEN company is a socially-oriented company and is proud of the coordinated work of our employees and the support of partners and promises to continue to develop such social initiatives!

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